Luc Salsedo, Nice 2

October 27, 2009

Luc Salsedo opened this restaurant three years ago after having worked in quite a few of the well known restaurants around Nice. He is often cited as an upcoming young Niçois chef. Linda and I had enjoyed a dinner here shortly after it opened and lunch here a year ago. We went back the evening of October 19, 2009.

A nice little hors d’oeuvres slate arrived shortly after we were seated. lsb

We ordered glasses of Deutz Champagne. There is a limited, but interesting and varied à la carte menu. From it one can choose three courses for 44€ or five courses for 65€. We ordered a bottle of 2004 Domaine de Pibarnon, a red Bandol that was very nice. We appreciated its being put into a carafe without our having to ask. 

We both started with
Traditionnel petits farcis Niçois, vinaigrette composée.

These vegetable halves stuffed with seasoned ground meat are an important local tradition. Here the stuffing was light and good. The salad of baby greens was also good, but didn’t really go with the farcis.

Linda’s second course was
Escalope de foie gras poêlée, fruits de saison et pousses de salades

The sautéed foie gras was good; it was enhanced by the ground pistachios and the apple slice.

My second course was
Salade tiède de poulpe aux senteurs d’Espagne.

The octopus pieces were tender and flavorful, but the combination with bits of sweet red pepper, dried tomatoes, greens and parmesan chips was too busy.

The third course for both of us was
Risotto aux champignons des bois, jus de volaille et copeaux de parmesan

This risotto with wild mushrooms and chicken glaze was very good. The parmesan chips were as out of place here as they were with the octopus.

Linda’s fourth course was  
Cuisse de canard braisée, cocotte de légumes du marché

The braised duck leg was luscious. The mixed vegetables were well done.

My main course was
Filet de bœuf rôti, polenta crémeuse

The quality of the Austrian beef was excellent. The vegetable and creamy polenta garnishes were fine.

There was a pre-dessert of
Panna cotta de pistaches avec un coulis de fruits

The pistachio custard was nice.

Dessert for both of us was  
Le pain perdu aux pommes caramélisées, sauce et glace caramel sel de Guérande

This was perfect for us caramel lovers as it appeared with the apples, the sauce and the ice cream.

The meal was enjoyable, but was not up to our high expectations. The dishes seemed to have been cooked competently, but routinely. I think that the chef will have to find a higher level if he is to compete with the other upcoming young chefs in Nice such as at Millésime 82 and Flaveur where we have recently had more interesting five-course meals at 50€ compared to the 65€ here.

To see the post on our lunch at Luc Salsedo a year ago click here

One Response to “Luc Salsedo, Nice 2”

  1. mixlamalice Says:


    I have enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered it a few months ago: I was raised in Nice and am now living in the US near Boston, and I love food and restaurants, even though I can’t afford the most expensive ones as much as you do.

    I would like to say something about the “petits farcis niçois”: usually, I believe the stuffing is mainly made with other fresh vegetables (basically what you removed from your veggies for the stuffing) and a little rice, and the ground meat in it is pretty minimal.
    The usual french farcis on the contrary, are made with bigger veggies and the stuffing is mainly seasoned ground pork.
    This is, like the “salade niçoise”, a specialty that has been “corrupted” by many restauranteurs…

    Anyway, I don’t know how Luc Salsedo makes his, but I enjoyed the restaurant when I went there a couple of years ago.
    Next week, I am going to try Robuchon in NYC, my saving account is at risk.

    Thanks for your blog, now I know where to go when I go back to Nice this Christmas.

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