Bar Boulud, NYC 3

December 14, 2009

On December 5, 2009, Kent, Roan, Linda and I had lunch at Bar Boulud before the opera. This Lincoln Center spot created by celebrity chef, Daniel Boulud, features the cuisine of his hometown, Lyon.

We were seated at a comfortable, calm booth in the back.

We ordered a bottle of 2006 Talley Vineyards Pinot Noir. Drinkable and nice.

Linda, ordering from the $26 Saturday Brunch Menu, had the 
soupe de potiron
roasted kaboucha squash soup
toasted pumpkin seeds

pomegranate molasses

followed by a 
croque madame
warm housemade ham
gruyère cheese and béchamel
topped with fried farm egg

Linda wrote: “The thick soup was just the dish for a cold, rainy day. The ingredients of the croque madame were fresh. The proper toasting of the quality bread, ham and cheese made this an excellent lunch, served with a fresh side of greens.”

Kent also had a croque madame.

Roan and I started with a special of the day
ballotine of guinea hen
foie gras

Rich and good.

Roan went on to
salade niçoise
olive oil poached cod, haricot vert
baby greens, niçoise olive, garlic dressing

The salad was enjoyable, but we were surprised that Daniel Boulud would call it a salad niçoise when it was missing required ingredients: tuna, anchovy, green pepper, hard boiled egg; and several which do not belong: cod, green beans, potato.

I had the
boudin blanc
truffled white sausage
mashed potatoes, apples

This was very nice and quite authentic.

As Linda was on the brunch menu, she was served two balls of ice cream, cassis and pineapple/vanilla, which she shared with everyone.
The meal was enjoyable, but lacked a bit of the Lyonnaise authenticity which we had found in our previous meals.

On our last visit we had been unhappy with the loud, inappropriate music and the crowds milling around our table near the front door because too many reservations had been taken for the hour. Both of these were much improved this time.

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The restaurant’s website:

2 Responses to “Bar Boulud, NYC 3”

  1. Eduardo Says:

    Sorry to differ, but potatoes and green beans actually DO belong to a classic Nicoise Salad.

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