Maya Bay, Monaco

January 13, 2010

Maya Bay is a trendy restaurant of the moment in Monaco, full every evening. Frédérique, Linda, David and I went for dinner on January 6, 2010. We had dined there together over three years ago when it was an East Asian-Mediterranean fusion restaurant.  It has recently become two intermingled restaurants; one is Japanese with a sushi bar, where Linda had an excellent lunch in the outdoor Japanese dining area last summer; the other has a well-regarded Thai menu, which was our choice. There is a young French chef, Christophe Dupuy, with an entirely Thai kitchen brigade.

Little bowls of crisp shrimp chips were put on the table. We ordered a bottle of Pointe du Diable, a full bodied red wine from the Var, which we thought, correctly, would go with spicy food.

Frédérique started with
Sop Makeow Ted, Po Pia Puu
Thai gazpacho with king crab spring rolls

Linda had
Satay : Kai, Kung, Nua, Muu
Assortment of marinated free range chicken, shrimp and vegetable brochettes

She enjoyed the chicken and shrimp and thought they made a good starter. (There was no vegetable brochette as in the menu description.)

David started with
Tom Yam Kung
Hot and sour spicy shrimp soup

I had
Yam Nua
Spicy marinated beef salad

This was very good. The beef was of good quality and had absorbed its flavorful marinade. There were sesame seeds on the outside and crisp fried greens on top. 

Frédérique went on to
Laab Kai
Citronella chicken salad

Linda’s main course was
Tod Man Pla
Tempura of filet of sea bass.

She thought that the fish inside the tempura beignets was excellent. The julienned vegetables were overly vinegared. 

David had a special of the evening

David was surprised that this turbot in a cream sauce was so French with little Thai accent.

My main course was
Po Pia Ped
Glazed leg of duck accompanied by spring rolls

The spring rolls were made with the breast meat of the duck. I found the dish disappointing. Everything was competently prepared, but it had no zing to it.

We skipped dessert, but enjoyed a bowl of coconut chips which arrived as a mignardise.

The meal had been interesting, but Thai cuisine of this quality would not create a trendy, full restaurant in New York. David summarized: “Frédérique and I both enjoyed our dishes, although nothing we would rave about.”

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