Fishtail, NYC

March 8, 2010

On February 27, 2010, Linda and I went to Fishtail with Frances to celebrate her birthday. In honor of the occasion we started with a bottle of Pol Roger NV Champagne.

 We also ordered a bottle of 2007 Parr Selection, Santa Rita Hills, Chardonnay. It was quite good, not too flabby to stand up to the food as some California Chardonnays are. 

Frances’ first course was
soy-ginger butter and thai vegetables

She said it was: “creamy, but light and tangy with lobster that was just fluffy enough.”

Linda’s starter was
lobster foam

She wrote: The sea urchin-lobster-pasta combination was excellent, but a few hot pepper flakes gave sting to early bites. Rooted out, the hot pepper did no lasting damage to the dish. There were several large oyster mushrooms that helped dampen the initial heat. The foam really did nave a lobster flavor. The sea urchin shell in which the dish was served was impressive.

Mine was
crispy noodles

The tempura treatment of the calimari was perfectly done. The crispy noodles and shredded vegetables were very nice. The sauce was sort of a combination peanut satay and a sweet & sour; it was spicy and I discovered that Champagne is an excellent beverage to go with this type of cuisine.

Frances went on to
saffron basmati rice, chicken, chorizo and laughing bird shrimp

She said it was: “very rich, spicy; the chicken well-roasted; the mussels and clams excellent.”

Linda’s main course was
celery root purée, foie gras raviolini and sherry vinegar reduction

She wrote: The scallops had a metallic flavor if eaten alone, but with a bit of raviolini, purée and the very good crispy chips, each bite was good. 

Mine was
orzo pasta, tomato, garlic pearls and zucchini chips

This was also very good. The hot, deep-fried zucchini chips were a lovely garnish. The portion was very large, as they all were here.

For dessert Frances was brought a
granny smith apples & dulce de leche ice cream.

She contemplated her wish before blowing out the candle. We shared in the dessert.

There was a little plate of mignardises.

Fishtail is divided into an informal area downstairs and a dining room upstairs. The kitchen is on the ground level and there is a serving area at the top of the stairs.

A prep area downstairs.

We were quite impressed by the quality of the fish and its varied, well-executed preparation and presentation. There should be more of an indication of the spiciness of each dish; I expected it with the Kung Pao Calimari,  but it is an ambush in a sea urchin dish. The biggest drawback for us was the excruciatingly high noise level in the enclosed dining room.


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