The Outer Market at Tsukiji

April 19, 2010

On April 9, 2010 Linda and I walked around the outer market next to the enormous Tsukiji Fish Market with our guide Yumi. This outer market sells retail to anyone and is quite popular. While fish is the star attraction, it represents less than half of the total stalls, but almost all of them are related to cooking and eating. There are also some sushi restaurants.



There is a shrine on the edge of the outer market which seems to receive a lot of quick visits. The sake barrels are a sign of prosperity.


In contrast to the big fish market, here the fresh fish have been washed and laid out attractively on ice with their prices.


Fresh wasabe roots ready for grating.


The beef is very high quality and very expensive.


Various types of prepared fishballs.


These are condiments prepared from seaweed etc with soy sauce to perk up a bowl of rice.

Dessert confections.

A chopsticks store.

Yumi is helping Linda buy a knife with which to separate water color sheets on a pad.

Linda is buying some of these exquisite wooden boxes.


One Response to “The Outer Market at Tsukiji”

  1. Mary Lee Says:

    The fish is expensive too! I’m definitely going to visit a fish market if I’m ever in Japan. To buy a shashimi knife, the condiments for rice and eat super-fresh sushi. Yum!

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