L’Arôme, Paris 2

June 17, 2010

On April 29, 2010, Linda, Tony and I had lunch at L’Arôme. Linda and I had already enjoyed this upcoming restaurant at dinner with Laurent three months before.

We ordered glasses of the house champagne Alfred Gratien blanc de blancs, nice. A two-course luncheon menu is offered at 65 €. There is also a four course dégustation at 89 €. We decided to try the luncheon menu, plus the cheese cart.

We ordered bottles of 2007 Condrieu and 2005 Cairanne. Both of these wines come from Les Vins de Vienne, a collaboration between Cuilleron, Gaillard and Villard. They have resurrected the ancient area of Seyssuel on the eastern side of the Rhône. The area had been in high regard in previous centuries but had been neglected in the 20th Century because of its steep vineyards. They have now expanded into other areas of the Côtes de Rhône. The wines were typical of their types. 

The amuse-gueule was two slices of a sweet red pepper and ham cake with Basque Mayonnaise (more sweet red pepper.)

The assertive mayonnaise made this interesting.

The first course was
Tourteau Breton décortiqué et variante sur le radis marabelle, pistou des fanes, pain de mie toasté et beurre fumé

The chilled plate was covered with a gelée of pink grapefruit that was not too strong. The crabmeat was inside a spring roll with a thin toasted white bread exterior. The dish was pleasant. 

The main course was
Pièce de veau poêlé à l’ail des ours, étuvée de morilles au vin d’Arbois, daïkon, jus court marbré

The veal was flavorful, but not tender. The morels were excellent and were set off nicely by the big edible leaf of bear’s garlic. The big, braised white radish was more interesting than potatoes or noodles would have been and provided a different texture. Very good.

Le chariot de fromages

This was just the right size to have variety with everything in good condition.

The meal was nice, but the menu was not a good value at that price. The restaurant was full of business people, so I guess it is priced right for the middle of Paris on a working day. I would recommend L’Arôme and go back, but only to have the big menu in the evening. 


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