Luc Salsedo, Nice 3

July 19, 2010

Pat and Karl invited Linda and me to dinner at Luc Salsedo on June 27, 2010. This three-year-old restaurant serves its refined versions of specialties of Nice and its region. We started with a bottle of Domaine de la Source à Saint Roman de Bellet 2008, a white wine grown in the hills just northwest of Nice. Bellet is made mostly from the rolle grape, as it has been since the Romans started vineyards there.

Eventually we went on to a bottle of 2006 red wine from Clos Saint Joseph, a vineyard in Villars-sur-Var, a micro-climate in the mountains north of Nice. This very good wine is only sold locally through restaurants, a few wine stores and at the vineyard.

A plate of varied hors d’oeuvres arrived in the middle of our table. It started things off very well. The accras and beignets were light and fresh.

We selected the 44 € menu, which provides three courses with choices from the limited à la carte selections, which change every ten days, featuring local cuisine and seasonal ingredients.

Pat’s first course was
Les ½ crevettes à la plancha, salade de légumes crus et sauce vierge.

She thought that the shrimp, halved lengthwise and grilled on a plaque were excellent and were nicely enhanced by the chopped tomatoes infused with olive oil and herbs.

Linda, Karl and I started with
Fine bruschetta tomatée, charcuterie tiède et pousses de riquette.

Underneath is a bruschetta of finely chopped tomatoes heated on a slice of toast. The selection of hot ham, bacon and sausages on top was excellent. The little arugula salad was the needed palate cleanser for this surprisingly rich dish.   

Pat and Linda went on to
Raviolis aux olives de Taggiasca, artichauts et tomates confites.

Linda said that this was the best ravioli dish she has had in a long time. The crisp artichoke slices, the confit tomatoes and good black olives combined very well with the excellent ravioli in a light tomato sauce for a superb course.  

Karl’s main course was  
Duo de poissons du retour de pèche, cocotte de légumes braisés.

He was very happy with this fish and vegetable dish. 

Mine was
Filet de bœuf (FR), pommes de terres darphin garnies et sauce vin rouge.

It is surprising to me how much better the beef can be at restaurants than the best I find at our local butchers. This filet had a juicy, meaty flavor and needed only the bit of red wine sauce. The wedge of hash-brown potatoes was a classic and good garnish.

Dessert for Linda and Pat was
Pain perdu aux pommes caramélisées, parfumées à la cannelle, glace caramel sel de Guérande.

The caramelization of the apples was done well with a bit of salt and not too much sugar. The cinnamon flavored sauce and the caramel ice cream were just right.

Karl had the assortment of cheeses with a small bowl of salad and some candied fruit.

My dessert was
Cerises au vin rouge, crumble et glace lait d’amande.

I usually order cherries when they are in season, as they are in June in France. These had been cooked in red wine. They were served with almond ice cream. Very good.

There was a little post-dessert of hazelnut cream.


The chef offered us snifters of lemoncello right out of the freezer to conclude the evening.

This meal seemed to have been prepared with more attention and panache than the one we had at Luc Salsedo last fall. The adherence to local traditions remained the same, but was at a higher level. We were very happy.

The restaurant was full on this Sunday evening when so many similar restaurants in Nice are closed, but the noise level remained low enough. The pace was a bit slow, but that did not bother us. The staff was cheerful and helpful. Bravo.

To see the blogpost on our meal at Luc Salsedo last October click here.


2 Responses to “Luc Salsedo, Nice 3”

  1. sue girdwood Says:

    Loved the look of this meal — bright, sharp colours to the photographs and bright, sharp, lovely-sounding flavours too!! The ravioli was intriguing.

  2. Timothy P Ojile Says:

    Looks superb; mouth-watering

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