Dunacorso, Budapest

October 18, 2010

On September 28, 2010, Linda and I had lunch at Dunacorso on Vigado Square. 

This restaurant, founded in 1871, has a stunning view over the Danube from its terrace dining area. We could see all of Buda topped by the royal palace. It was chilly, but not windy, so we sat outside to take advantage of the sights. We could also watch people pass by on the sidewalk in front of us and the frequent Number Two trams.  In 1937 it was described this way: “Then what is this Danube-walkway? For the time being, it is a dozen of cafés with music, beautiful ladies, urban guests, terraces and the appropriate wonderful view: the Castle, Gellért Hill and the bridges.”

We were thirsty from a busy morning and ordered the first of two mugs of draft beer. It is not clear why Dunacorso’s beer on tap is a German, not Hungarian, beer, but it was very good.

We started lunch with
Csontvelő pirítóssal

Four chunks of beef marrow were in a broth with bits of carrot. We put slabs of the marrow on the toast. This was a nice starter and seemed authentically Hungarian.

Our main course was
Mangalicapörkölt tarhonyával

Mangalica are a notably flavorful, high fat breed of pig in Hungary. They have recently become trendy in the US also. Here the pork was prepared as a pörkölt, meaning a stew like a gulyás, but without vegetables except the foundation onions and with less broth. The paprika was flavorful, fragrant, and had just the small right amount of heat. If one wanted more pepper, the rings of yellow capsicum pepper provided it in a nice crunchy way. Tarhonya, or egg barley, are made from an egg pasta dough which is fried before simmering. Here they had a lovely light paprika sauce. This dish was very good.

We did not have dessert. Dunacorso was an excellent choice for our first lunch in Hungary.



3 Responses to “Dunacorso, Budapest”

  1. Heath Putnam Says:

    “Mangalica” (aka Mangalitsa) pigs are the most fat-prone breeds of pig in production. That’s why they taste so much better than normal pigs.

    You can see more here: http://woolypigs.com/_breeds.html

  2. George Rusznak Says:

    I am pleased that you found this restaurant with its delightful location a positive introduction to Hungarian lean cuisine.


  3. barb vance Says:

    Thanks for a “taste” and view of Hungary on your recent visit.! barbara

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