Dunacorso, Budapest 2

October 26, 2010

On September 30, 2010, Linda and I returned to Dunacorso for dinner. We had enjoyed our lunch there two days before so much we wanted to try it in the evening. We didn’t think we would find good, authentic Hungarian food at any of the restaurants suggested in the guidebooks or by our hotel concierge. 

We were surprised to find that many people were dining outside on the terrace fronting on Vigadó Square. It was a chilly evening, but there were gas heaters under the umbrellas.

We chose to eat inside, but we had a good view of the terrace, as well as the dining room. After a while, we discovered one of the charms of the terrace. (It wasn’t the view of Buda which we had enjoyed at lunch, as that was on the other side.) A small jazz band installed itself on the terrace and played danceable swing. About six young couples had been waiting for this and danced in the square just beyond the restaurant. They were having a very good time for free while providing entertainment for the diners. We learned later that the jazz is just on Thursday evenings. There is typical gypsy music the other evenings.

We ordered two .2L bottles of Hungaria Extra Dry, a pleasant sparkling wine. It started off the evening on a bright note.

We then ordered a bottle of Szekszárdi Merlot (Takler Pince) száraz/dry. The wine list said: “A wine with a scent of blackthorms and a harmonious bouquet. One of the best among Hungary’s top quality Merlot wines.” It was very nice; as a Merlot it wasn’t as inky as many Hungarian red wines. 

Linda started with
Zoldseges retes paprikamartassal
Vegetable puff pastry with paprika sauce

The paprika sauce was mild and fragrant. The pastry and its vegetable filling were light and good.

My starter was
Libatepertő Dallos modra
Crispy goose cracklings with onion

The goose cracklings were crunchy without being dried out, greasy or leathery. Their flavor was enhanced in different ways by each of the vegetable garnishes. That is sort of a non-acidic sauerkraut in the back right. The light green peppers were very hot and had to be used carefully. I enjoyed this starter.

As we had not yet had duck on our visit to Budapest, for our main course we both had
Kacsasult kaposztas kockaval
Roasted duck with cabbage pasta

The skin of the duck was crisp and good, lightly salted. The dark, flavorful meat had been roasted a long time, which got out the grease without drying it out. The noodles tossed with cabbage were a classic accompaniment which lightened up the dish.

We had planned to have dessert, but the menu wasn’t as interesting as we had hoped, so we skipped it. In fact, we generally found the desserts and pastries in Budapest to be disappointing.

We thoroughly enjoyed this last evening in Budapest. The ambience at Dunacorso was friendly and charming. The clientele was mostly Hungarian. The waiters were efficient and helpful. The cuisine was just what we were looking for. If there are other restaurants with such well done authentic Hungarian food, we didn’t read about them and were not told about them. Bravo.

To see the blogpost on our lunch at Dunacorso two days before click here.



2 Responses to “Dunacorso, Budapest 2”

  1. George Rusznak Says:

    I am thrilled that our recommendation had worked so well for you. The pictures made us salivate as they included several items of our favorites. You picked up things about the dishes that we never thought about and provided us with a new dimension of our appreciation of the place.

    In past years this restaurant was called Schuch and Schuch and was rated as second class by the official Hungarian rating system. Our relatives took us there once and since then we have never missed returning whenever we visited Budapest and we always enjoyed their dishes, despite the rating.

    The history of the restaurant mentions that there has been a restaurant in that location since the building was completed in 1871.

    I suspect the sight of the couples dancing on the square would have made this a memorable visit, even if you wouldn’t have enjoyed the food.

    We are happy for you,
    Julie and George

  2. barb vance Says:

    I enjoyed the dinner experience with you just now. ‘Sounds’ like a delightful evening with the dancers and jazz music. I thought the starter course with the goose cracklings was an interesting choice for a Hungarian meal. Barbara

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