Lumskebugten, Copenhagen

June 28, 2011

On June 7, 2011, Eva and Erling invited Linda and me to lunch at Lumskebugten, a very traditional Danish luncheon restaurant. It was a twenty minute walk north along the harbor esplanade from the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, where we were staying. Lumskebugten was established in 1854 as a tavern for sailors. It eventually attracted royalty and Copenhagen’s elite.


We were seated in the Queen’s Room in the back surrounded by old photos of the restaurant, royalty etc.

With the meal we drank beer and Anderson aquavit, a special mild and fragrant brand from Sweden.

Erling had ordered special small North Sea shrimp for our starter. They were served in a molded mound with mayonnaise and brown bread. The flavor was elegant.


The second course was Matsje herring topped with sliced onion rings and fresh herbs and served with capers, pumpernickel and a small bowl of scrambled eggs.

Matsje are young herring of a size available only at this time of year. They are brined and served raw. They have a strong, distinctive flavor.

Linda and Eva finished with three stalks of white asparagus.

The garnish was fresh salad greens, a few capers and chopped onions. The white scoop is a smoked cheese.

Erling and I had veal tartare, a traditional Danish dish.

The egg yolk made this unctuous and good.

We did not have dessert.

Erling settles up with Danny, the new proprietor of Lumskebugten.

Danny sees us off outside. When we arrived, people were having lunch at the outside tables, but a sudden rain drove them inside.

We enjoyed our lunch very much. It is good to try the basics of Danish cuisine which is a root of the cuisine in the celebrated Copenhagen restaurants such as noma and Herman. Thank you, Eva and Erling.

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