Annisa, NYC 6

October 4, 2011

We dined at Annisa five times in the two years before it was destroyed by a fire in July 2009. Each time we enjoyed the cuisine and the ambience.  Anita Lo, Annisa’s chef and owner reopened it in April 2010, but we had not returned until August 18, 2011 when Russell joined Linda and me for dinner.  

The simple modern decor had not been changed in the reconstruction.

Linda and I started with glasses of Bartolomiol Brut Prosecco Prior (Valdobbiadenne.) Russell had a ginger cooler.  We decided to order the five course tasting menu and a bottle of Penner Ash Viognier. The amuse-gueule was a little pastry cup of white bean purée with white anchovy.


The first course was
Ceviche of Fluke with Black Lime and Radishes.

The lime juice was not overdone, just barely firming up the fish and bringing out its fresh flavor. 

Seared Foie Gras with Soup Dumplings and Jicama.

This is a signature dish of Annisa and reminded us of previous visits. I thought that its preparation had been improved, particularly the searing of the foie gras.

Miso Marinated Sable with Crispy Silken Tofu in a Bonito Broth.

This is another signature dish, enhancing the Pacific black cod without masking it.

Rabbit with Spring Onions and Japanese Curry.

This dish was entirely new to us and was very good. The strips of rabbit with their skin were crisp without losing their taste or moistness. The were well matched with the scallions and very mild curry sauce underneath. The rounds of rabbit loin had an entirely different texture, creating an excellent light main course.

We were each given different desserts. Russell’s was
A Tasting of Chocolate and Malted Desserts

He was fascinated by the four contrasting, very different treatments.

Linda’s dessert was
Poppyseed Bread and Butter Pudding with Meyer Lemon Curd

This succeeded in being luscious and light at the same time.

Mine was
Nectarine Posset with Elderflower and Shiso

The flavors were subtle, seasonal and cooling.

The mignardises were tamarind popsicles, candied ginger and chocolate mint truffles.

I had the impression that the kitchen techniques had been sharpened up during our absence. During her eight months off Anito Lo had done a lot of travelling, testing and learning. This only reflected itself in one new dish on our menu, but the others seemed to be executed with more precision and flair. The service and pace were excellent, as before. Brava.

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One Response to “Annisa, NYC 6”

  1. Blair Ridder Says:

    This looks excellent. I am recommending that my wife take me here for my birthday dinner. 🙂

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