Donguri, NYC 8

July 24, 2012

We had not been back to Donguri for a year and a half when Linda and I took Gabriel there for dinner the evening of July 3, 2012. It was never completely full on this pre-holiday evening.

We ordered a bottle of the special sake of the day:
“Chokaisan” Junmai Daigingo (Akita) It was very good with rich flavors.

We started with a bowl of Cha-mame, Premium Edamame

It was a nice starter, but lacked the salt or spicing which some restaurants use. We shared this among the three of us, as we did with all of the dishes.

The first dish was
Sea Urchin Sashimi

We have always enjoyed the sea urchin from Maine served before at Donguri, but this was from California and was, surprisingly to me, just as good. There were two pieces for each of us in the Martini glass. The wasabi and soy dipping sauce brought out the flavor when used sparingly.

Curry Flavor Sauteed Soft Shell Crab

This was superb. The two crabs were cut into six pieces and sautéed in mild curry butter.

Sweet Corn Tempura
Maitake Mushroom Tempura

These were fresh and hot with mild flavors; the sweetness of the corn balanced the slight bitterness of the Maitakes.

Shrimp & Vegetable Kakiage Tempura

The large shrimp were perfectly done. The tempura of julienned vegetables was a good background, but not of much interest in itself.

We started on a second bottle of sake.
Otokoyama Tokobetsu Junmai from Hokkaido.

We have enjoyed this before at Donguri, but it seemed a bit bland after the excellent ”Chokaisan.”

Broiled Chilean Sea Bass Marinated with Yuzu Lemon

The fish was flavorful and perfectly cooked. Alongside was a mound of grated daikon radish and a lemon for squeezing.
This was Gabriel’s first time using chopsticks; he had mastered them by the time we got to this course.

Japanese Style Seafood Risotto

This “risotto” was superb with various flavors of the sea.

Gabriel’s dessert was
Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Sauce  

My dessert was
Rice Cakes with Red Beans


Donguri continues to be a superb restaurant. Our dishes ranged from very good to excellent to superb. Each one was thoughtfully designed by the chef, Hitoshi Kagawa, for sharing among three diners. The service was friendly and efficient as always.

To see all of our meals at Donguri over the last six years click here.

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