Antica Trattoria Garibaldi, Bordighera Alta 2

December 4, 2012

On October 23, 2012, Linda and I returned for lunch to the Antica Trattoria Garibaldi in Bordighera Alta.

Although it was a lovely day, they were not serving in the courtyard, where mosquitos were active. We were seated in the main dining room with an enormous mural of the neighboring church behind our table.

The selection of the fresh fish of the day was presented by Antonello.

We selected the daurade in the back left of the tray. The other two are a branzino, Mediterranean sea bass, and a queue de lotte, or anglerfish tail.

We ordered a bottle of the local vermentino.

The aperitivo was roasted yellow and red pepper slices with mozzarella melted on top.

This set up the palate nicely.

Linda’s pasta was
Trofie al Pesto

These fresh potato gnocchi dough swirls were mixed with pesto from flavorful local basil, picked young, and a few green beans. Always good and traditional here.

My pasta was
Ravioli alla Garibaldina

I chose this as it is a house specialty. Meat-filled ravioli are sauced with a mixture of Bolognese and pesto. The flavors meld well and provide substance without seeming heavy.

We went on to the
Pescato fresco del giorno

Maddalena served our daurade. The last time it had been grilled, which provided us with a lovely crisp skin. This time fennel was put inside and it was baked in the oven with olive oil, potatoes and olives.

Linda’s plate with the upper half of the fish.

My plate with the lower half and the pot scrapings.

The potatoes had taken on a lovely flavor and, of course, the daurade was exquisite.

We finished with coffee, but no dessert, as we were getting back on the autostrada toward Oneglia.

As before, this was a charming, delicious, low key lunch. Bravo.

To see our previous lunch at Antica Trattoria Garibaldi click here.

One Response to “Antica Trattoria Garibaldi, Bordighera Alta 2”

  1. Sally McKinney Says:

    Maybe I’m just extra hungry this morning, but the lunch you just described sounds absolutely delicious. Wish I could have been there.

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