Nadaman, Fukuoka

May 28, 2013

Nadaman, founded in 1830, has been rapidly expanding in recent years from its Osaka base. It has restaurants in many top hotels in Japan and East Asia. It has upscale outlets in department stores and airports.

On March 25 and 26, 2013, Linda and I were staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Fukuoka, the largest city in Japan’s southern big island, Kyushu. We had planned to eat both nights at the city’s famous yatai, or food stalls, but at 7:00 pm a cold rain started so we went to Nadaman in the hotel, looking forward to yatai the next evening.

We ordered the Japanese Beef Steak Kaiseki from the quite varied menu.  Linda had a beer while I ordered a carafe of the house sake.
kurashiki 3 015 (455x382)

We started with a tray including a variety of tidbits.
kurashiki 3 011 (480x242)

The soup was dashi with a square of tofu topped with a fern and kinome.
kurashiki 3 013 (465x232)

There were four different fish in the prettily decorated sashimi plate.
kurashiki 3 014 (475x254)
Fresh and good.

The  “Japanese Delicacy” was an excellent chunk of Spanish Mackerel, considered to be a Spring fish in Japan. It is hidden by a slice of lotus root and decorative leaves. I can’t remember what the white rectangles on the left were.
kurashiki 3 016 (478x242)

The next dish was egg yolk pudding with crab.
kurashiki 3 017 (478x248)
Good crab flavor enhanced by the warm, unctuous texture.

The featured course was “Japanese Beef Steak.” 

A plate with condiments for the beef was put in front of us. Then a platter with six generous slices of beef cooked medium rare, just as we had ordered it.
kurashiki 3 018 (478x211)

kurashiki 3 019 (478x328)
The beef was tender and good. It had the somewhat rich fattiness of wagyu beef and its elegant flavor. The various condiments prevented the large portion from getting boring.

A pretty pot of rice arrived along with pickles to enhance it.
kurashiki 3 021 (462x478)

Japan 2013 158 (465x243)

Miso soup accompanied the rice.
kurashiki 3 023 (465x195)

Dessert was pieces of three fruits.
kurashiki 3 024 (465x297)

Tea and green tea were both served at the end.
kurashiki 3 025 (195x260)  kurashiki 3 026 (181x260)
The plain, quiet ambience of Nadaman was the opposite of what we would have found at the yatai. The service was efficient and correct. We liked the meal for its scope, high quality ingredients and well executed preparation. I cannot think of another chain restaurant in a hotel anywhere in the world at this level.

One Response to “Nadaman, Fukuoka”

  1. It was nice to enjoy a steak dinner with you and Linda at the Hyatt. Your description made it an enjoyable pseudo dinner
    from here in Westerville. The Spanish Mackerel dish looked very inviting ! bv

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