L’Hostellerie Jérôme, La Turbie, 7

July 2, 2013

Although L’Hostellerie Jérôme is our favorite restaurant within a half-hour drive from our house, we had not been for two years until we returned with John and Carol on June 26, 2013. The old part of La Turbie was bright with flowers in pots and window boxes on this warm June evening.
jérôme 001 (480x299)
At the entrance to L’Hostellerie Jérôme.

We were seated outside on the small terrace with views down over the town towards the Mediterranean and Cap Ferrat as well as up the hill toward the church.
jérôme 016 (480x447)

We ordered glasses of Alexandre Penet Champagne, which were a good start.
jérôme 007 (440x397)
jérôme 010 (480x231)

Little cups of parsley and anchovy purée were served along with fresh grissini for dipping.
jérôme 008 (440x168)

Then came the Amuse bouche de l’Hostellerie, small white shrimp and moscardins, very small octopus, followed by a roasted sweet red pepper stuffed with a codfish mousse.
jérôme 017 (440x264)

jérôme 018 (440x220)
Very seasonal, regional and well done.

We ordered the menu of the day at 75€, plus two orders to share for four of the sweetbreads on the à la carte menu. John chose from the wine list a bottle of 2009 Domine de Trevallon blanc and a bottle of 2004 Domaine de la Grange des Pères rouge.
jérôme 035 (174x300) jérôme 023 (260x300)
Both were sensational.

The first menu course was
Homard d’Irlande à la vapeur aux pêches blanches
jérôme 020 (480x223)
An Irish lobster had been steamed and the meat removed in large chunks. It was garnished with Menton lemon and quarters of seasonal white peaches. Very nice.

Then came
Filets de sole dorés, amandes vertes, asperges d’Albenga
jérôme 021 (480x239)
The sole filets were topped with breadcrumbs toasted in rich brown butter. The almond slices added crunch and the green asparagus added freshness. Very good.

Ris de veau doré, raviolis au lait de bufflonne et asperges violettes 
jérôme 024 (479x249)
A thick chunk of sweetbreads had been coated in a light batter and deep fried, making it quite luscious. The raviolis were filled and dressed with a buffalo mozzarella. Very good.

Pigeonneau et foie gras rôti, réduction de vin de Bandol aux olives noires
jérôme 025 (480x306)
On the left is a thick chunk of freshly roasted foie gras. In the middle are pieces of roasted squab dressed with a sauce of Bandol red wine. Above them are sautéed cèpes, or porcini mushrooms. New Spring potatoes and peas are on the right. Another very good dish.

Cerises flambées à l’eau de vie, allumettes gourmandes, sorbet
jérôme 030 (480x263)
Cherries, also in season, had been flambéed in cherry eau de vie. Some were stuffed with pistachios; the sorbet on the right had a rich cherry flavor. Above is a thin puff pastry sandwich filled with crème patisserie. Very good.

Chocolats, petits fours, friandises provençales.
jérôme 031 (480x231)
jérôme 032 (400x240)

jérôme 033 (400x133)
jérôme 034 (420x286)
The little wild strawberry tarts were suberb. The scoop of sorbet of Menton lemons balanced the sweetness of many of the friandises. The fresh caramels, in the foil, were particularly good.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the special ambience on the terrace. The cuisine is what one expects at L’Hostellerie Jérôme, top quality, seasonal, local ingredients prepared so as to bring out their flavors.

The restaurant’s website:


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  1. ojile Says:

    great fotos! Hi to John and Carol

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