The Forest Inn Imari 2

July 30, 2013

After an excellent breakfast at The Forest Inn Imari, on March 28, 2013, Kent, Linda and I went exploring neighboring Arita in our rental car. The first stop was the highlight of the day, The Kyushu Ceramics Museum. (It has one of the world’s most beautiful parking lots in cherry blossom season.)
Japan 2013 274 (480x336)

The museum’s collections of old and more recent ceramics from Arita are beautiful, interesting and well displayed.

We then drove to “China On The Park” dating back to the end of the 19th century when the Fukugawa factory was chosen to provide the Imperial household with porcelain. It contains a factory, galleries, shops and a restaurant. Next stop was the Arita Porcelain Park, sort of a ceramics Disneyland, where we had a small, late lunch.


Japan 2013 300 (479x183)
Back at the hotel that evening we found our places set at the same table where we had enjoyed dinner the evening before and breakfast that morning. We ordered a bottle of the same Imari sake.

The first course was fugu and other sashimis, chopped chives and spiced daikon with a cherry blossom.
Japan 2013 277 (480x286)


Next were two grilled scallops, a white asparagus stalk, radicchio and black olive purée under the scallops.Japan 2013 278 (480x288)

Beef tongue baked in panko, sliced rounds of a cold, melting foie gras terrine; beef stock glaze.
Japan 2013 280 (470x359)
Rich and good.

Salmon, sea snail, abalone, rape blossom marinated in olive oil, caviar.
Japan 2013 284 (470x318)


Spring onion soup with chunks of tuna
Japan 2013 286 (480x236)
This refreshed the palate after three courses that were quite rich for Japanese cuisine.

Octopus and bamboo shoot simmered in dashi; tai eggs, kinome.
Japan 2013 288 (480x290)

Japan 2013 289 (480x208)
This had good, subtle, fresh seasonal Spring flavor.

A half lobster, dressed with beet purée and broiled, which made it a bit dry, but concentrated the flavor.
Japan 2013 292 (480x263)

The chef, Yoneda Kouji, brought the lobster dish out himself. We were able to chat with him very briefly with Kent translating, but not long enough to know anything of his background etc. I can find no reference to him in English on Google or elsewhere. He is obviously very talented in several cuisines..
Japan 2013 293 (480x316)

Imari beef sirloin with Japanese vinegar-based sauce; potatoes with butter-based sauce
Japan 2013 294 (464x383)

The beef was served with good homemade small bread and focaccia.
Japan 2013 296 (464x307)


Dessert was passion fruit mousse, a hazelnut wafer and a strawberry
Japan 2013 297 (472x197)

Once again, we were amazed by the quality, variety and imagination of the meal.


In the morning, we were served another interesting breakfast.
Japan 2013 299 (479x325)

Then we headed off for Sakito.

To see the blogpost on our meal the evening before click here.

2 Responses to “The Forest Inn Imari 2”

  1. tukusigal Says:

    Hi, nice blog! Looks like you enjoyed the food and sake in Imari a lot more than I did. I am an Imari fan and I wrote about Imari. Next time I go to Imari, I will want to try Imari sake, visit Arita Porcelain Park, etc.

  2. Mimi Says:

    I liked here too.

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