Lobster dinner at the Hotel Sakito

August 6, 2013

Sakito is a town in the north of Nagasaki Prefecture scattered along the shores of a small island connected by a bridge to another island which is connected to a peninsula by an impressive bridge. Kent has been living in Sakito teaching English in the JET program for almost two years. Linda and I went to visit on March 29 and 30, 2013.

On arriving in the area, we had lunch at Koyasumaru on the waterfront in Saikai-cho, just before the big bridge. We ordered a lunch special: tempura shrimp with sashimi, bound to be fresh in this fishing port. The hamachi, or yellowjack, was particularly good.
sakito 1 013 (480x219)

sakito 1 005 (470x181)

sakito 1 006 (310x470)

sakito 1 008 (480x325)

sakito 1 012 (640x453) (480x340)
This was a very good, local meal that was not too much for lunch.

Here are three views of Sakito, the first is from behind Kent’s house.

Sakito 2 007 (480x224)

sakito 1 004 (480x151)

114 (480x368)

After lunch we went on to the Hotel Sakito on an even smaller island at the far end of Sakito. It sits on a hill overlooking the Sea of Japan and is reputed to have the best sunset views in Japan.
Sakito 2 006 (480x171)

The first evening we dined at the home of friends of Kent on pizza, sashimi, and beef yakiniku. The following evening we walked out to the sunset viewing platform behind the hotel over the cliff, but the sun had sunk into clouds twenty minutes before sunset so all we saw were patterns of gray.  A ham radio operator was installed for the night on the isolated viewing platform, conversing with other Japanese speaking ham operators all over the world.  A friend set up a tent for the night while the ham operator called and received replies. This is the view of the hotel in the dusk on our walk back. In the windowed area on its left are the warm baths, or onsen, men on top, women below. The brightly lit room above the trees on the right is the fourth floor dining room where we were headed.
Sakito 2 019 (480x134)

Kent had pre-ordered the special lobster dinner. It started with a tempura of shrimp and a shishito pepper.
Sakito 2 025 (440x298)

One lobster and its garnishes are enough for three people. You can judge its age by the barnacles on its shell.
Sakito 2 021 (480x253)
It had been prepared and was sitting in the middle our table for us to share when we arrived. Sitting on the tail were some pieces of cold tempura. To their left were lobster sashimi, fresh and good. Inside the cavity was more meat. Scattered around were squid and fish sashimi with various vegetables. It was all on a bed of rice. There were little bowls of dipping sauces.

As we were eating, we were served a bowl of warm miso soup garnished with more lobster pieces.
Sakito 2 027 (470x227)

And there was a dessert.
Sakito 2 028 (470x222)
A roll cake and sakuramochi, mochi flavored with red bean paste and wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf.

The meal was fun and delicious, somewhat different from everyday food.

In the morning we enjoyed a Japanese breakfast in the fourth floor dining room with a view over the sea, outlying islands, fishing boats and the many sea hawks which glide above the shoreline.
Sakito 2 001 (494x560)

Then we picked up Kent at his house and drove to the Nagasaki Airport for the flight to Tokyo.

Information on the Hotel Sakito:


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