Auberge Akadama, Oshima-cho

August 13, 2013

The Auberge Akadama is located in the woods near the bridge connecting Oshima Island to the Saikai peninsula in Northern Nagasaki Prefecture. Kent, Linda and I went for lunch on March 30, 2013.

One enters from the parking lot down a rustic pathway to the restaurant. In the other direction are the quite spacious guest suites. The main dining room has a glass wall looking into the woods.
Sakito 2 016 (478x290) 

The chef’s experience in Europe is one two-week trip, but he worked for eight years at a French restaurant in Tokyo and so prepares fusion cuisine.

Although there is a wide selection of French wine available, we ordered a carafe of the house sake.

Three small fresh house-made breads were put on the table.
Sakito 2 010 (450x341)
They were very good. Three more arrived later.

The first course was an interesting eclectic assortment.
Sakito 2 008 (480x292)
At the top left is a flan with tai, or sea bream.
Continuing clockwise:
chopped tomatoes and capers on sashimi;
seaweed gelatin, rapeseed blossom and squid;
local tomato (from Oshima;)
squid ink with a squid with a natural curry flavor;
fish liver that spread nicely on the bread;
a tai spring roll;
bagna càuda (well, that is what they said;)
in the middle was a fish and tomato pureé.

Next came a gratin with egg, spinach and octopus.
Sakito 2 011 (450x232)
This was not as successful as the rest of the meal.

A fish and shrimp cappucino bisque with croutons.
Sakito 2 012 (450x358)
This was excellent, with the seafood flavors brought out well.

Sauteed suzuki, or Japanese sea bass, with squid, local (Oshima) tomatoes and an asparagus spear.
Sakito 2 014 (478x326)

Dessert was vanilla ice cream, tomato sorbet, strawberries and bread pudding.
Sakito 2 015 (460x286)
An enjoyable combination. 

We thoroughly enjoyed this lunch in a spot where one would not expect a fine fusion restaurant. Congratulations to the chef for his imagination and initiative.

Auberge Akadama

1383-4 Oshimacho, Saikai, Nagasaki Prefecture 857-2401


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