Kissho Ginza, Tokyo

August 20, 2013

On March 31, 2013, Kent, Linda and I went to this restaurant on the fourth floor of an office building in the Ginza. Its name, Kissho(吉祥), means a good sign. Here was its sign at the building’s entrance.
Japan 2013 374 (480x334)
We had our own room, fortunately with a Western-style table. There is a variety of offerings, but, as usual, we selected the house specialty, a menu featuring shabu-shabu, a Japanese adaptation of Chinese hotpot which has become quite popular in recent years.

Kent ordered the house sake from our charming and attentive waitress.
Japan 2013 343 (480x384)

The meal started with a varied tray of good appetizers.
Japan 2013 344 (480x353)

Squid sashimi followed.
Japan 2013 346 (480x214)

Then a deep-fried soft shell crab with a shishito pepper.
Japan 2013 350 (480x291)
This was really good.

The shabu-shabu pot was put on the table and its broth heated.
Japan 2013 354 (480x333)
Dipping sauces arrived: ponzu and gomadare, a sesame creamy sauce, along with chopped scallions, spiced daikon and mashed garlic to enhance them.
Japan 2013 355 (450x201)

Japan 2013 357 (475x257)

Beautifully marbled beef slices were put on the table. The quick cooking in the broth melts much of the fat without losing the flavor it adds.
Japan 2013 358 (480x276)

The vegetable selection arrived.
Japan 2013 359 (480x282)
From the left are: onion rings, tofu, white radish slices, Chinese noodles, green spring onions, carrots, bok choy, incised shiitakes and cabbage leaves. They are put gradually into the simmering pot of broth; we put them into our bowls when they are ready, which varies a lot with the item. It is important to pace the cooking with our eating and emptying our bowls.

Japan 2013 361 (400x600)

Japan 2013 362 (480x299)

Japan 2013 364 (470x247)

Japan 2013 365 (470x289)

Japan 2013 367 (470x245)

We had fresh bowls, without the accumulated sauces etc, for the noodles in broth.
Japan 2013 368 (470x267)

Tea arrives.
Japan 2013 369 (450x307)

Dessert was a cold, sweet, white sesame broth with a mocha ball.
Japan 2013 370 (460x287)

We enjoyed the meal a lot. This style of cooking brings out and enhances the flavors of good ingredients. Of course, the participatory event is convivial; the setting and our excellent waitress helped create an enjoyable and relaxing evening.

2 Responses to “Kissho Ginza, Tokyo”

  1. Perhaps because I so like shabu-shabu myself, this seems the best of your Japanese posts thus far. I’ve never received a fresh bowl for the noodles, however. Is this peculiar to Japan?

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