Tokachi-ya, Tokyo

September 10, 2013

The Tokachi plain in Hokkaido is Japan’s richest agricultural region. Its produce and cuisine are featured at Restaurant Tokachi-ya, located in Corridor-gai along the Western border of Ginza, beneath Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway, where there are many restaurants.
Japan 2013 496 (480x273)

Toshio, Kent, Linda and I went to Tokachi-ya for dinner on April 3, 2013.
Japan 2013 493 (480x268)

We were seated at the table in the back with a good view of the dining room.
Japan 2013 473 (480x141)

Toshio and Kent read the menu, chatted with the headwaiter and did the ordering.
Japan 2013 486 (480x247)

Magnums of the house sake were carried around and empty glasses were filled to overflowing. One could drink from the saucer as needed.
Japan 2013 475 (448x480)

Japan 2013 474 (480x341)

A bowl of appetizers with a pork paté, a leafy green vegetable and a potato terrine underneath started things off. These are all Hokkaido products.
Japan 2013 476 (480x318)
The terrine underneath:
Japan 2013 478 (430x287)

We then had hot gobo, or burdock root, fritters with a good, spicy batter.
Japan 2013 477 (450x387)

The fish course was a large, grilled Atka Mackerel, from the northern Pacific, cut into four pieces and served with grated daikon.
Japan 2013 480 (480x188)
My piece.
Japan 2013 481 (480x201)
This was very good, particularly the crisp skin underneath.

Boiled asparagus with mayonnaise.
Japan 2013 482 (480x154)
Seasonally fresh.

Sautéed beef fillet and seasonal vegetables with horseradish and soy sauce.
Japan 2013 483 (480x296)
My serving.
Japan 2013 485 (460x236)
This was cooked just the way I like it. The beef was lean, not at all like wagyu; I guess it was grass fed. Hokkaido is a major beef producer.

Hokkaido potatoes and raclette cheese, a specialty of Tokachi-ya. Hokkaido is also a dairy producer and so cheese is part of its cuisine, unlike the rest of Japan.
Japan 2013 488 (480x173) (2)

Chicken with shiitakes, focaccia and raclette.
Japan 2013 491 (480x223)
My plate.
Japan 2013 492 (450x293)
Nice. Even though there are European references here, the dish seemed Japanese to me.

We had eaten enough and did not order a dessert. 

We had a good time in a convivial ambience. The cuisine featured quality ingredients well prepared, particularly the grilling. There was just the right amount of saucing. Thank you, Toshio, for bringing us to Tokachi-ya.

Ginza 6-2 Corridor-gai, Chuo-ku, 104-0061 Tokyo
Tel: 03-3573-7373


2 Responses to “Tokachi-ya, Tokyo”

  1. Ever since we visited the place, it has been almost always full, and I was advised to make a reservation in advance to get in. Casual ,yes, but this remains one of my favorites.

  2. We discovered this little gem of a restaurant a few years back. Try their fried chicken which is of course a product of Hokkaido, it’s to die for. It’s now super busy and bursting at the seams so book in advance.

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