Osteria Veglio , La Morra

November 26, 2013

On October 21, 2013, Linda and I went for dinner at Osteria Veglio. It is on a turn in the road in the hamlet of Annunziata, down the hill from La Morra, where we were staying at the Hotel Corte Gondina.

Osteria Veglio is in the midst of some of the finest vineyards for Barolo wine. The harvest of nebbiolo grapes was in progress. I took this photo the next day at the roadside as we stopped to admire the vines.
DSCF8409 (480x340)

DSCF8395 (480x309)
There is a terrace behind the osteria with a view of the vineyards where one can dine in good weather, but on this dark, cool fall evening we ate in the plain, but welcoming, dining room. The tables are well-spaced and the noise level low.
DSCF8386 (480x190)

We ordered glasses of the house Italian sparkling wine and contemplated the fairly limited menu.

The amuse-gueule was a little wedge of an herb omelette and a piece of hard sausage.
DSCF8384 (480x184)

There was an extensive handwritten wine list. We finally settled on a bottle of 2007 Brezza Cannubi Barolo.
DSCF8383 (480x555)
This had the strength and deep fruit that one seeks in a Barolo. Excellent.


Our first course was
Peperonini ripieni con pane ed erbette, salsa di acciughe
DSCF8385 (480x289)
Little round sweet peppers had been stuffed with coarse herbed breadcrumbs. As the peppers softened during their baking, the breadcrumbs toasted and became crunchy, which created a lovely contrast. The anchovy sauce underneath was a classic combination with sweet peppers and was just right.

Our pasta was
Tajarin al burro fuso con tartufo Bianco d’Alba
DSCF8387 (480x306)

DSCF8388 (480x466)

DSCF8392 (480x274)
This fresh pasta made simply with egg yolks and flour is a local specialty. It was tossed in melted butter and topped with a 13 gram white truffle shaved at the table. The aroma of the truffles was exquisite.

Our main course was
Carré d’agnello al forno.
DSCF8394 (480x404)
Three chops from a perfectly roasted rack of lamb were served with roasted potato chunks. There was also a shishito pepper, which went well, but was a surprising Japanese touch in a meal that was traditional local cuisine.

Having finished our bottle of Barolo, we were looking forward to big meals the next day and did not have cheese or dessert.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would plan to make Osteria Veglio a regular stop on our trips to the Piemonte. 

Osteria Veglio
Annunziata, 12064 La Morra (CN)


2 Responses to “Osteria Veglio , La Morra”

  1. Sam Spektor Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Michael. Not bad for for an osteria. 🙂 And Fiorenza is the consummate host.

  2. Ziggy Says:

    I’m a little late to this party but nice post. Looking to finally meet this Fiorenza in 3 months.

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