Yakitori lunch at Kamakura Uzuki

January 14, 2014

On April 7, 2013, a car and driver took our guide Eva, Linda and me to Kamakura for the day. This ancient capital of Japan is over an hour’s drive south from Tokyo.

Our first stop in Kamakura was the Buddhist Hasedera Temple.
Japan 2013 598 (480x215)

Japan 2013 599 (480x250)

The second stop was the 13th century Daibutsu at Kotokuin Temple.
Japan 2013 602 (376x480)

We then went on to the main pedestrian shopping street of Kamakura.
Japan 2013 603 (480x247)
It is the site of yakitori restaurant Kamakura Uzuki, up the stairs in this photo, where we had lunch.
Japan 2013 604 (400x400)

To the left is the counter where we sat; in the center is the grill on which everything is cooked. In between, vegetables for grilling are displayed. The chef has whatever he needs, and more, close at hand.
Japan 2013 605 (480x247)

A tray with soy sauce and other condiments for the yakitori was put in front of us along with a cup of green tea.
Japan 2013 610 (480x233)

I went on to a small pitcher of sake.
Japan 2013 611 (400x296)

There was a discussion with the chef, Eva translating, about what we wanted. The vegetables displayed in front of us looked enticing; the main dishes would be chicken.
Japan 2013 609 (480x336)
The bottles you see on the shelves at the upper right are the private sake stocks of regular customers.

When a skewer was ready, the chef would place it in a serving dish, which he then delivered to us with a long-handled paddle. He is dressed appropriately for standing right over the very hot grill.
Japan 2013 612 (400x351)

The first course was grilled shiitakes.
Japan 2013 613 (480x222)

This variety of Japanese potato is more like a taro root. (We did not order the skewered gingko nuts, although I wish we had.)
Japan 2013 608 (480x176)
After the potato has been grilled, the diner dips its cut end in salt and then squeezes the closed end of the skin pushing out the edible meat.
Japan 2013 615 (480x225)
A good, subtle flavor in a somewhat gooey texture.

Japan 2013 606 (480x226)
Eggplant and ginger.
Japan 2013 616 (480x203)
The freshly grated ginger really helped bring out the eggplant’s flavor.

Chicken with soy sauce and leeks.
Japan 2013 617 (480x196)
The sauce was slightly sweet which helped it to achieve a nice char.

Chicken with salt and leeks.
Japan 2013 618 (480x213)
This was more austere, but allowed the taste of the chicken to come through.

Eva serves chicken rice into our three bowls.
Japan 2013 619 (451x480)

Japan 2013 623 (460x288)
The rice had absorbed the flavor of the chicken and kept its good texture. It was sparked up by f
resh spring bamboo shoots and a few pickles.
Japan 2013 622 (480x209)

Finally, we had a clear soup with tofu and chives.
Japan 2013 624 (460x372)

Our lunch was just right for the occasion. We could relax in a casual and attractive ambience with traditional yakitori cuisine as it is served in many small restaurants all over Japan.

After lunch we walked over to the main thoroughfare where we shopped successfully for Kamakura lacquerware.

At the nearby Shinto shrine Hachiman-gu we watched and heard a traditional wedding with three musicians playing old instruments.
Japan 2013 628 (480x184)

Our last major stop before the drive back to Tokyo was the zen 
Kenchoji Temple.

We had a full day, which is always best when it includes a good lunch.

One Response to “Yakitori lunch at Kamakura Uzuki”

  1. Elaine Ridder Says:

    Fantastic photos that made me feel I was on the
    trip to Kamakura with you.


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