Ginza Toyoda, Tokyo

February 11, 2014

Ginza Toyoda was awarded its first Michelin star in 2008 and now has two stars. It is a kappo ryori kaiseki restaurant, meaning that preparation is done in view of the diners, which seems normal for sushi or tempura, but less so for kaiseki. Linda and I went for dinner on April 4, 2013.

We were seated near the middle of the ten-seat counter with a good view of the proceedings.Japan 2013 520 (480x196)
There are also three private rooms with tables. The restaurant was only half full that evening.

One of the sous-chefs spoke some English and gave us the descriptions I have used below. Linda ordered beer and I had Kokuryu sake.
Japan 2013 510 (470x315)
I was offered a selection of sake cups on a tray. I chose this one as the prettiest, although it wasn’t the most practical.

The first course was sticky uni tofu with seaweed sauce and a dab of wasabi on top.
Japan 2013 504 (465x308)
This was very good with a silky texture and subtle flavors of the sea, not your usual tofu. A
superb start.


A big piece of eel wrapped around warm rice, pickled rapeseed blossom
Japan 2013 506 (480x260)
The rice softened the richness of the eel and the pickling offset the sweetness of its grilling sauce. Very good.


Grated white asparagus soup with a big white onion in the middle and little green onions on top.
Japan 2013 507 (480x202)
This was okay, but became boring quickly.


Sashimi: sayori or needlefish, tai and clam; soy and vinegar sauces.
Japan 2013 509 (480x226)


Grilled black sea bass.
Japan 2013 511 (480x217)
Very good.


Deep-fried lobster and tempura of edible wild plants.
Japan 2013 513 (430x135)

Japan 2013 514 (480x209)


Bamboo shoot, kimone, dashi.
Japan 2013 516 (460x348)

Japan 2013 517 (470x292)
This was seasonal, with a fresh elegant flavor good enough not to get boring.


Chef Okamoto prepares rice for the diners at the end of the counter.
Japan 2013 527 (480x211)

The chef prepared and presented to us a bowl of hairy crab rice.
Japan 2013 521 (480x288)

The pickles to spark up the rice were very good.
Japan 2013 522 (450x342) 

Japan 2013 528 (480x311)
The rice was exceptionally good. I had two bowls and we finished it.

A small (good size) cup of miso soup.
Japan 2013 525 (475x272)


Dessert was sticky rice with red bean paste and cherry leaf.
Japan 2013 529 (460x290)

Green tea to finish.
Japan 2013 530 (460x274)

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Its overall composition and the composition of each dish was well thought out. There was not too much complication, allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves. Watching the ingredients being put on the counter; their preparation, plating, and presentation was excellent, relaxing restaurant theater. We could also see the meals of the other diners, which added variety. Bravo.


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