Keisuke Matsushima, Nice 5

June 3, 2014

Keisuke Matsushima’s eponymous restaurant in Nice continues its success and retains its Michelin star. He has expanded his group to two other restaurants in Nice and one in Tokyo.  Keisuke Matsushima restaurant sticks to its formula of Provençale, particularly Niçoise, cuisine with a few Japanese touches. Linda and I returned for dinner on May 27, 2014.

The apéritif cart was wheeled to our table and we were poured glasses of 2004 Bruno-Paillard Champagne.

The hors d’œuvres were:
black olive ice cream,
DSCF9177 (380x206)
refreshing and good, setting off the Provençale theme of the meal,

cromesquis d’aubergines and panisses au stockfish niçois,
DSCF9178 (430x182)
the eggplant fritters were freshly fried, bringing out the flavor of the vegetable; the little chickpea cakes were topped with the local specialty of reconstituted dried cod cooked with tomatoes;

ginger-garlic wafers,
DSCF9180 (400x165)
a Japanese touch was introduced into the local theme.

We ordered the Menu dégustation “Collection,”  a bottle of 2011 Chapoutier “Invitare” Condrieu and a half bottle of 2009 Château Simone rouge.
DSCF9182 (285x400) DSCF9192 (161x400)
These wines were very good and just right with the cuisine.

The first course was
Caviar d’Esturgeon Blanc
tartare de poisson, gelée de poisson au gingembre, wasabi, ciboulette
DSCF9181 (450x265)
Caviar topped chopped raw fish and a gingered fish jelly. The mix of elegant fish flavors was enhanced with wasabi and chives.

en salade, courgettes trompettes et ses fleurs farcis, jus de ratatouille, sauce pistou
DSCF9183 (480x355)
This was somewhat different from its menu description. The chunks of lobster meat were on top of a lobster glaze. There were sorbets of sweet red peppers, zucchini and white onions. Trumpet zucchini strips were wrapped around a light lobster mousse. Very good.

oie gras de canard du Gers
aux nougats de Provence, fruits de printemps, fleur de sel de Camargue
DSCF9186 (420x264)
A silky rectangle of duck foie gras was topped with a nougat mousse and seasonal strawberries: an imaginative combination that worked well.

Gamberonis de la pêche de San Remo
rôti à l’orange” mimosa”, févettes sautées, artichauts confit, riquettes
DSCF9187 (480x308)
Two of the famous pink shrimp of San Remo were garnished with local seasonal vegetables and a thin candied orange slice. Nice.

croûte de pomme de terre, champignons de Paris, vinaigrette de truffes d’été, salade mesclun
DSCF9191 (480x335)
A piece of Mediterranean sea bass had been cooked in a potato crust. It was served on a mushroom sauce and green beans. On top were thin slices of white mushrooms and surprisingly flavorful summer truffles. Very good.

Mille-Feuilles de Boeuf “Simmenthal

juste saisi au wasabi saveur japonaise
DSCF9193 (480x283)
Three thin slices of very good beef had been interleaved with a mild wasabi sauce that really enhanced the flavor. Alongside were three tempura vegetables.

Fromages affinés sélectionés par Mr Pétrin au chariot
DSCF9195 (480x255)

DSCF9197 (480x178)
The cheese trolley was large enough to offer variety, but small enough that the cheeses could be just ripe. I chose Comté, a sheep’s milk cheese and Pont-l’Évêque.

Fraises des Bois
infusées à la rose, sorbet fromage blanc
DSCF9198 (450x312)
Wild strawberries were lightly cooked in a rose petal sauce and served with a sorbet of fromage blanc.

Chocolat noir “Manjari”
mousse de chocolat au safran, gelée de fruits de la passion, sorbet azur
DSCF9200 (480x249)
A mousse of dark Madagascar chocolate was flavored with saffron and interleaved with a passion fruit gel and chocolate wafers.

Finally there were good mignardises.
DSCF9201 (460x223)
The cuisine was very good, keeping a consistent style in two of our favorites: Provençale and Japanese. While there was sometimes more complexity than I usually like, it seemed to work here. The restaurant’s décor is spare, the noise level low and the service okay. The pace became annoyingly slow for a menu of small plates. We were there for 3 1/2 hours; the restaurant was 3/4 full. The patron/chef was in evidence, but did not seem to be helping in the kitchen; we had a nice conversation with him.

The restaurant’s website:

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3 Responses to “Keisuke Matsushima, Nice 5”

  1. sue girdwood Says:

    Mike –
    My mind conjures up lovely-sounding menu items (I have always wanted to try to make olive oil icecream, and wild strawberries are among my favourite things.)

  2. Sam Spektor Says:


    Two things.

    Those are red, not pink, shrimp from San Remo. Gambero Rosso in Italian.

    I think Comte’ is a cow’s milk cheese not sheep’s.

    • Michael Says:

      Thank you for the clarification. I think that people often refer to those shrimp as pink in English, even if the translation is a bit off, as it often is. “Sheep’s Milk” refers to the middle cheese, not as a modifier of Comté. I had to put it in the middle of the sentence as it is in the middle of the photo.

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