L’Hostellerie Jérôme, La Turbie, 8

July 8, 2014

On June 15, 2014, Linda and I returned to L’Hostellerie Jérôme with Ron and June.

It was raining so we could not be on the terrace. We were seated next to it, in the corner of the first dining room. Menus and the wine list arrived. The menu covers are lovely watercolors of fruits.
DSCF9353 (522x640)

We ordered a bottle of Champagne: “Fidèle” by Vouette & Sorbet. Very good. This was followed by a bottle of 2003 “La Migoua” Bandol from Domaine Tempier.
DSCF9362 (372x600)
La Migoua is one of their premium vineyards and is a luscious wine, particularly when it has some age as it did here.

We ordered the evening’s four-course menu.

The first amuse-gueule was crab with passion fruit, a good combination.
DSCF9359 (430x262)
The second was a capuccino of fresh seasonal peas.
DSCF9360 (460x237)
The pea flavor came through nicely. Very seasonal and good.

The bread basket was served with an aïoli.
DSCF9361 (480x292)

The first course was
Homard d’Irlande à la vapeur, pêches blanches, citron confit, verveine
DSCF9364 (480x243)
This was the season for white peaches. They were very good with the pieces of steamed lobster.

Centrolophe noir, asperges violettes, huile d’olive.
DSCF9366 (480x340)

The chunk of blackfish was perfectly cooked, crisp on the outside, tender and moist inside. It was served simply with seasonal asparagus and olive oil. Nice.

We were served an extra course of
Ris de veau doré, abricot, tilleul
DSCF9367 (480x248)
The sautéed sweetbread was dressed with an apricot sauce and little cylinders of apricot. Very nice.

Pigeonneau, réduction d’olives noires au vin de Bandol
DSCF9370 (480x267)
The squab and a piece of sautéed foie gras were dressed with a sauce of black olives and Bandol wine. They were accompanied by sautéed cèpe and girolle mushrooms. This was a good, rich finish to the savory courses.

The first dessert was
La fine tarte préparée avec les cerises, les amandes, et les pistaches
DSCF9373 (410x192)

DSCF9371 (480x259)
The tarte had cherries bound with an almond crème patisserie. There was a bowl of good cherry sorbet with it.

The second desert was melon and celery root ice cream.
DSCF9374 (410x240)
Imaginative and very good.

There was a generous plate of mignardises.
DSCF9376 (480x276)
The little greenish tartes were filled with bitter orange, corander and almonds. They were particularly good.

Then there was a plate of chocolates and caramels.
DSCF9377 (460x236)

Our meal was very enjoyable. Each course was well composed and well executed with good ingredients, many of them seasonal and local.  Madame Cirino is an excellent hostess. The ambience was welcoming and calm. We are fortunate to have L’Hostellerie Jerome as our favorite nearby restaurant.

The restaurant’s website:


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4 Responses to “L’Hostellerie Jérôme, La Turbie, 8”

  1. ronaldk7 Says:


    We took a special interest in this review. Reminded us what a wonderful time we had.

    Very best.


  2. Caroline Rutherfurd Says:

    How could they have lost a star?

    • Michael Says:

      The story is that Bruno Cirino had some health problems and Michelin over-reacted. I would hope that they will be back to two stars next year.

  3. Everything about that meal sounded wonderful to me and it’s not even 8:00 a.m. here. I always enjoy your blog posts but this one actually inspired envy.

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