Brushstroke, NYC 2

August 12, 2014

On July 26, 2014, I returned to Brushstroke with Linda in celebration of my 74th birthday the following day.

We were seated in the center of the counter with a great view of the kitchen activity in front of us which was constant and crowded, but they are a well trained team.
DSCF9590 (480x214)

DSCF9617 (480x225)

This is the view of the calmer sashimi cutting and plating station off to our left.
DSCF9618 (480x360)

The beverage menu was presented, but we asked for the sommelier who recommended a bottle of Chikurin, Karoyaka Organic, Junmai Ginjo, Okayama 竹林 かろやか 有機純米吟醸 岡山  This was dry and somewhat fruity with a good flavor. Half way through our meal we ordered a bottle of Masumi, Yumedono, Daiginjo, Nagano 真澄 夢殿 大吟醸 長野 This was superb, similar in style to the first bottle, but with a stronger flavor.
DSCF9588 (340x480) DSCF9604 (288x480)

We ordered the eight-course Summer Kaiseki Menu. The first course was
(left to right}
Scottish Langoustine & Bay Scallop
Summer Vegetables, Tosazu Gelée
Tomato Canapé
DSCF9593 (480x194)
These were good understated combinations to start us off. 

Lobster & Sweet Corn Soup
DSCF9595 (480x339)
The flavor of fresh summer corn was nicely enhanced by the lobster bits.

Today’s Sashimi Selection of 5 Seasonal Varieties
DSCF9597 (480x451)
The pale, fatty tuna in the upper left was exquisite. The others were all very good.

Golden Crab & Morel Chawan-mushi
Truffle Ankake
DSCF9600 (480x440)

This was much more soupy than the normal custard of chawan-mushi. The custardy globs were floating in ankake, a daishi broth thickened with kuzuko, a starch powder made from the root of the kudzu plant. It was enhanced with truffle bits. The flavors were interesting and good.

Chilean Sea Bass Tomato-Yaki
Peruvian Red Shrimp & Spring Greens Purée
DSCF9601 (480x269)
The fish and shrimp flavors were nicely brought out by the various seasonal vegetables.

Miyazaki Produced Wagyu Tataki-Grill
with Red Wine Reduction Sauce, Angkor Pepper Paste,
Stewed Flat Iron with Orange Miso
DSCF9605 (480x198)
This was sensational. The wagyu beef had a great flavor, enhanced in different ways by the three preparations. On the left the three thick tender wedges were quickly seared and topped with a garlic chip. The middle piece had been braised in a red wine reduction to almost falling apart. On the right a tasty, grainy shoulder steak had been stewed without overcooking the inside, thinly sliced and garnished with orange miso. 

Linda’s rice dish was
Alaskan Wild Ivory Salmon Sashimi with Trout Caviar, Onion, Sesame, & Wasabi Purée
DSCF9608 (480x202)
She appreciated the very good rice topped with the good salmon/caviar/purée combo.

My rice dish was
Sautéed Skate Wings with Ume Shiso Zousui
DSCF9609 (480x308)
Unfortunately, when I selected this rice dish, I did not know that a Zousui is a rice soup. The idea of skate wings attracted me. I found this to be pleasant, but quite boring, which is too bad as the concluding rice dish can be a highlight of a kaiseki meal.
Both of our rice dishes were served with a little plate of good, fresh pickles.
DSCF9610 (480x228)

I received a special dish of soy sauce ice cream with a candle for my birthday.
DSCF9614 (480x280)

Linda’s dessert was
Matcha-Green Tea Ice Cream
White Chocolate & Nigori-Sake Affogato
DSCF9612 (480x225)
She said that it really tasted like matcha. Very good.

My dessert was
Roasted Green Tea Pudding
Kuromame Beans, Buckwheat Kernels
DSCF9616 (480x314)
The pudding had a good green tea flavor. The garnishes on top added some needed interest.

Rice paper puffs finished the meal.
DSCF9620 (480x268)

We enjoyed a superb meal, meticulously prepared and presented with top quality seasonal ingredients. The service and pace were just right. The noise level was reasonable. The kitchen theater I front of us was a delight. We’ll be back to Brushstroke.

Brushstroke’s website:

To see our meal at Brushstroke two years before, including some background on the restaurant, click here.


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