Muromachi Wakuden, Kyoto

November 18, 2014

Muromachi Wakuden is one of four Kyoto restaurants in the Wakuden group, founded in 1870 in Tango, north of Kyoto. Hideko, Linda and I went for lunch on October 23, 2014.

That is a seasonal espaliered chrysanthemum on the right.
DSCF0134 (480x367)

The house sake is served from large wooden tubes into small ones.
DSCF0117 (480x366)

DSCF0121 (480x452)

We started with a little cup of roasted rice tea.
DSCF0120 (480x358)

Figs in fu (wheat gluten) with walnut crumbs.
DSCF0123 (480x354)
This was unusual; seasonal and nice.

Here you can see the chef preparing the tai, or red sea bream.
DSCF0124 (480x376)

DSCF0126 (480x281)
It was served with
, green onions, sea weed, and wasabi.

The tempura course included: shrimp, green bean, eggplant, sesame seed tofu and shanso berries.
DSCF0127 (480x392)

Linda’s rice was topped with hamo, or conger pike, and egg. Here you can see the hamo being grilled for use
DSCF0129 (480x342)

DSCF0132 (480x264)

My rice was topped with miso cooked bonito and kinome leaves.
DSCF0131 (480x317)

The pickles served with the rice were radish, red cabbage and radish leaf.
DSCF0130 (480x397)

The dessert was chestnut bound with kuzu starch.
DSCF0133 (480x223)

This was an enjoyable meal and a nice break from a day touring temples, shrines and gardens. It offered a good sample of Kyoto cuisine, although the figs and fu was unusual.


5 Responses to “Muromachi Wakuden, Kyoto”

  1. Linda and Michael
    I and Darius were looking at the fotos and descriptions and the food looks quite good. We read all your blogs but can’t always comment!

  2. Now that’s a lunch I wouldn’t mind having …

  3. What did you think of the portion? When I visited Wakuden several years ago, I thought the quality was good but the portion was rather small…

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