Udon lunch at Mochitsukiya in the Nishiki Market, Kyoto

December 9, 2014

On Saturday, October 25, I had lunch at Mochitsukiya in the Nishiki Market.

DSCF0246 (480x384)
This is the view from the front.  It is primarily a fresh mochi shop, but has quite a few tables in the back for meals.
DSCF0239 (480x174)

DSCF0240 (480x139)
The waiting area is on the left, the restaurant cash register in the center and part of the kitchen in the back.

About half of the clientele was having the Udon Set, which is only offered at lunch time.
DSCF0238 (480x360)

I ordered an Asahi Beer, which came with a little bowl of peanuts.
DSCF0241 (480x227)

The menu’s brief English description of the Udon is:
“Wheat noodles cooked in a fish broth seasoned with soy sauce.”
DSCF0242 (480x366)
The noodles were thick and meaty, as you can see. This gave substance to the rest which was liquid or mushy. There were a lot of cooked sweet onions on top, along with a mochi ball, greens and thinly sliced green onion. The broth was basically a soy flavored dashi and was conventionally good. As half the people were having this, I guess it is good Japanese comfort food.  

Alongside were Isomaki mochi, flavored with soy sauce and wrapped in nori. This is considered to be a dessert, even though it is not sweet.
DSCF0244 (480x243)

For a description of why their mochi is special click here.

Nishiki Market (錦市場, Nishiki Ichiba) is a narrow, five block long shopping street in central Kyoto lined by more than one hundred shops and restaurants. Here are the photos I took before lunch walking toward Mochitsukiya, which is near the far, or east, end.

DSCF0195 (480x266)

DSCF0196 (480x233)

DSCF0197 (480x291)

DSCF0198 (480x219)

DSCF0199 (480x238)
Fresh, young wasabi on the left.

DSCF0200 (480x199)

DSCF0201 (480x234)

DSCF0202 (480x288)

DSCF0204 (480x211)

DSCF0205 (480x212)

DSCF0206 (480x335)

DSCF0207 (480x279)

DSCF0209 (480x249)

DSCF0210 (480x197)

DSCF0211 (480x317)
Red adzuki beans are essential for many Japanese desserts.

DSCF0212 (480x427)
A small chestnut roaster keeps the stock freshly roasted.  

DSCF0213 (480x344)

DSCF0214 (480x149)

DSCF0215 (480x197)

DSCF0216 (480x324) (2)
A coffee bean roaster.

DSCF0217 (480x377)

DSCF0218 (480x245)

DSCF0219 (480x391)

DSCF0221 (480x284)

DSCF0222 (480x333)
Salmon roe. 

DSCF0223 (480x318)
A steam basket. 

DSCF0225 (480x325)

DSCF0229 (480x294)

DSCF0230 (480x251)

DSCF0232 (480x184)

DSCF0234 (480x257)

DSCF0236 (480x330)
Opening oysters

The market was jammed on this Saturday, particularly after lunch. While I was not the only tourist, the market was basically for local housewives taking advantage of the huge selection. 


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