Kagaya Ginza ten, Tokyo

March 3, 2015

Kagaya Ginza ten is run by Wakura Onsen Kagaya, a well-known hot-spring inn located in Ishikawa prefecture along the Sea of Japan, the source of the restaurant’s seafood. Toshio joined Linda and me for dinner at Kagaya Ginza ten on November 3, 2014. This was a national holiday in Japan, Culture Day, and so the Ginza was quiet that evening. We were seated in a traditional room in the back with four tables, but the other tables were not used that evening.
DSCF0495 (480x366)

There was a choice between a meat and a fish kaiseki menu. Of course, we chose the latter. Here is the menu for those of you who can read it.
DSCF0507 (2400x1456)
Naturally, Toshio translated and explained to us, but I didn’t want to spend all my time taking notes, so there are gaps below.  

We ordered a bottle of sake.
DSCF0496 (480x315)
A good match with the cuisine.

The first course was in a sushi format, but the fish was warm, cooked nodoguro, or black throated sea perch.
DSCF0497 (480x304)
It was topped with black caviar and fugu (blowfish) roe. It was garnished with a very good fish jelly with yuzu zest. Excellent.

A very good, large assortment of small bites then followed.
DSCF0499 (480x320)

DSCF0500 (480x263)
A chestnut with a Kuwai potato and Kuwai potato chips. Called arrowhead in English, kuwai (慈姑) is an aquatic, underwater tuber. Nice earthy flavors.

DSCF0501 (480x253)
Includes herring roe hatched on kelp and a gingko nut.

DSCF0502 (480x347)
A manjugai, or longevity clam, from the Ishikawa coast. A leg of a ケガニ kegani, or horsehair crab. Both tasted of the sea and were nicely sweet; they benefitted from a squeeze of the sudachi.

Then came a grated lotus root soup, with a slice of lotus root, a green and red beans.
DSCF0509 (480x270)
This had a lovely flavor.

The sashimi course was yellowtail and squid with good texture and flavor.
DSCF0510 (480x235)

The next course included conger pike, a delicious scallop in a potato ball, a tempura leaf etc. Salt with black sesame seeds was provided for dipping.
DSCF0511 (480x296)

Then came duck, sea eel, mountain vegetable and grilled tofu.
DSCF0513 (480x320)
There was a thick sauce underneath that may have been based on duck stock. This was the only course that I did not think met a high standard. The ingredients were too confused.

The soupy rice course included ayu and matsutake mushrooms. Pickles were alongside.
DSCF0515 (480x302)

DSCF0517 (480x255)

The dessert was tofu on top of a brown sugar gel.
DSCF0518 (480x376)

Green tea finished things off.
DSCF0520 (480x403)

The meal was generally of very high quality in its ingredients, combinations and preparations. The ambiance was pleasant and the service good. We enjoyed a lovely evening.

Kagaya Ginza ten
5-8-17 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061

One Response to “Kagaya Ginza ten, Tokyo”

  1. Lora Vance Says:

    The food looks stunning and your descriptions make it sound delectable. Even when something is not a favorite it still makes me curious as to the taste.
    It sounds like a lively evening indeed!

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