Prune, NYC

March 17, 2015

After a twenty year catering career, chef Gabrielle Hamilton opened Prune fifteen years ago. It has earned a cult reputation among foodies. Joe, Linda and I met there on February 16, 2015, a really frigid evening.

The discreet, welcoming entrance is on 1st Street, across Houston Street and a little west of the famous Katz’s Delicatessen.
prune 001 (480x376) 

The active bar and serving counter runs along one side of the cozy thirty-seat dining room with an opening to the kitchen in back. Pink is the color of Prune. (These photos were from my seat.)
prune 004 (480x94)

prune 012 (480x191)

prune 023 (480x134)

We were served crisp papadums with just the right amount of Indian spices.
prune 005 (480x315)

We ordered a Rioja white wine from the small, but eclectic and interesting, wine list. It was good for apéritif and with our first courses.
prune 011 (480x428)

We also ordered from the Bar Snacks menu:
Deep Fried Sesame Shrimp Toasts
prune 010 (480x210)
Excellent, with well balanced spicing.

Our starters were all off-the-menu specials of the evening.
Joe’s starter was three fresh oysters.
prune 013 (480x205)
Fresh, tangy and good. 

Linda had shaved foie gras with braised fennel.
prune 014 (480x219)
The foie gras on crisp, buttered toast was luscious and the sliced fennel a good accompaniment. 

I had three fried oysters with tartar sauce.
prune 015 (480x247)
The deep frying of the enormous oysters made their flavor more luscious.

We started on a bottle of red wine, also from the Rioja and very good.
prune 017 (480x365)

Joe’s main course was
Blistered Squid with fresh pork sausage and smoked white beans.
prune 019 (480x276)
The combination of pork and seafood is usually  a winner. Joe really enjoyed this. 

Linda and I had
Black Rice with duck meat, scarlet turnips and watercress.
prune 022 (480x355)
The three thick slices of rosy duck breast contrasted nicely with the confit duck leg. The braised watercress and turnips added a vegetable touch, but this was still a good, rich mid-winter dish.

For a side dish we shared
Roasted Beets and Carrots with sesame seed-pecan salsa macha.
prune 020 (480x281)
The root vegetables had been heavily roasted and naturally caramelized. The sauce was just right, earthy like the vegetables, not as fiery as its Mexican namesake. 

Joe’s dessert was
Plain White Tiramisu.
prune 025 (480x255)

Dessert for Linda and me was
Caramel Apple with crème fraiche.
prune 026 (480x294)
The peeled apples had been slow roasted for a long time so that their sugar naturally caramelized. Nice.

The mignardises were pieces of rich dark chocolate.
prune 027 (480x296)

We enjoyed a very good meal. I often complain in this blog about overly elaborate cuisine. That was not the case here. The chef confines each of her creations to the essentials. Her combinations are well conceived and executed.

The small room did not seem cramped to me and we were comfortable at our plain table. The servers were friendly and efficient; the pace was just right. The noise level was manageable. Brava Gabrielle. 


One Response to “Prune, NYC”

  1. Blair Ridder Says:

    Looks like a delicious meal. Rioja alta 904 is a very good wine and for the price is fabulous. I ordered a case of the 2004 last year and hopefully we can enjoy some after a few years in the cellar.

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