Poséidon, Nice 2

June 2, 2015

A year ago Linda and I had enjoyed an excellent meal at Poséidon shortly after its opening. We returned for dinner with Jean on May 12, 2015. 

We started with glasses of Delamotte Brut Champagne.

The hors d’oeuvres were cheese cubes, rice wafers flavored with squid ink and octopus chunks with olives. Nice.
poséidon 002 (480x183)

The menu is quite limited, as one might expect when only fresh fish is offered. There is a choice of à la carte, a three-course menu, a four-course menu or, our selection, the six-course “Ballade en mer” menu. The dishes were chosen by the chef, but they all came from the à la carte menu so I was able to use their menu titles below.

We ordered a bottle of 2012 Mas de Gaumas Gassac blanc. This was eventually followed by a bottle of 2012 Château Crémat Bellet Blanc . Both were very good and just right with the cuisine.

The amuse-gueule was a sweet red pepper gazpacho with julienned cuttlefish and a swirl of chili oil.
poséidon 007 (480x375)
A good starter, but a bit heavy on the chili oil for me.

The first course was
Crumble de saumon, au gingembre et agrumes.
poséidon 009 (480x316)
Salmon tartar was topped with a crunchy mix of toasted breadcrumbs flavored with ginger and citrus.

Fritto-Misto “Tempura”
Gambas, Rouget, Calamars, sauce tartare
poséidon 010 (480x329)

The tempura preparation was perfectly done and raised this dish above the normal frito-misto. There was a shrimp, a slice of squid, a rouget filet, a squash blossom and a white asparagus stalk.

Calamars à la plancha, panisses et sauce aïoli
poséidon 014 (480x196)
Pieces of squid had been seared on a plancha. They were served with little chickpea flour cakes and an arugula salad.

Rougets cuites au four, jus de bouillabaisse,
fregola, moule et huile d’orange
poséidon 015 (480x344)
The oven-cooked rouget filets had a good crispy skin. They were on top of toasted pasta beads in an orange flavored “bouillabaisse” fish stock with mussels.

Framboise, sablée bretonne,
crème de citron, sorbet framboise

poséidon 019 (480x334)
A square of raspberry sorbet was on top of a crisp wafer. A sesame wafer covered the three fresh raspberries.


Fraise, biscuit de pistache, mousseline au chocolat au lait
poséidon 021 (480x247)
A circle of pistachio biscuit was topped with strawberry jam, a disk of milk chocolate mousse, strawberry slices and a dark chocolate swirl.

The mignardises were mango on a custard and pineapple juice.
poséidon 024 (480x396)

Our meal was enjoyable. The mix of French, Italian and Japanese techniques in the preparations worked well. The fish was always fresh and cooked just right. We hope to return more often.

Restaurant Poséidon 17, rue Gubernatis 06000 Nice Tél. (0)4 93 85 69 04


To see our last meal at Poséidon, along with a description of its origins and why this image of the sea god appears the cover of the menu, click here. 

poséidon 005 (496x800)


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