Pierre Reboul, Aix-en-Provence

June 30, 2015

Pierre Reboul learned his culinary skills in well-known, traditional French kitchens: Michel Chabran; two years with Jacques Pic; Taillevent; Michel Rostang. In 2007 he opened his own restaurant in Aix-en-Provence, attracted by the modern, youthful dynamism of this university city which fit in with his vision of an original cuisine. Linda and I went for dinner on June 2, 2015. 

The restaurant is in a narrow street north of the east end of the Cours Mirabeau.
provence en juin 078 (480x463)
On the right of the main entrance is the Bistro Petit Pierre, offering less expensive bistro cuisine.

We started with glasses of a regional white wine made with the rolle grape, but I did not record the name.

The hors d’œuvres (or En K for those who can work out French puns) were “beet cocaine,” which one sniffed through the blue straw; a ham sandwich (the concoction in the test tube tasted just like one;) a ball of melon sorbet with a bacon bit.
provence en juin 082 (480x408)
They were followed by an olive oil sphere, one of signature creations of Ferran Adrià at El Bulli.
provence en juin 083 (480x173)

It had the hoped for intense olive flavor. The wafer added some nice crunch to the oiliness.

A loaf of good bread was put on the table.
provence en juin 084 (480x349)

We chose the Menu L’ Expert, a tasting menu which is changed every six weeks. 

We ordered a bottle of 2008 Domaine Tempier « Cuvée La Migoua » Bandol.
provence en juin 085 (480x283)
I was surprised to find this somewhat restricted regional wine on the list at a reasonable price. It was delicious.

The first course was
Grosses asperges vertes de Pertuis de M.Sauvecanne,
charbon de pain à l’encre de seiche, lard de Colonnata
et crémeux de petits pois
provence en juin 089 (480x291)
The sculpted asparagus spears were served on a pea cream sauce. Alongside was a trail of “olive oil caviar” granules. The “burnt loaf” was made of squid ink pastry and a well-known Italian cured and seasoned fatback.

Éclair de sardine fraîche et pizza croustillante à ma façon
provence en juin 094 (480x297)

provence en juin 093 (480x185)

provence en juin 096 (480x225)
A sardine was enclosed in a pastry as if it were chocolate. There were three types of tomato garnish. Alongside were crisp “pizza” wafers with a tomato filling. Enjoyable.

BouillaPierre 2015,
rouille à Mémé et croustillant de panisse
provence en juin 098 (480x253)
Unlike the fish in most bouillabaisses, these pieces had crispy skin on top, making a nice textural contrast. The chick pea wafer on top was also crisp.  The broth had a good bouillabaisse flavor, but did not need to be so spicy.

Linguines, wagyu véritable du Japon et touche végétale
provence en juin 099 (480x150)
The excellent grilled wagyu beef pieces and accompanying vegetables were served on a bed of cooked, straightened linguinis.

Agneau du Mont Ventoux,
raviole de riz de Camargue, parfum d’Orient
provence en juin 101 (480x194)
A cylinder of pink lamb filet and a braised triangle of lamb shoulder were served with seasoned rice in a transparent film raviolo. The sauce was a flavorful, very mild harissa. The effect was nicely North African.


Foie gras ultra frais landais poêlé, pomme-passion
provence en juin 102 (480x162)
This is an unusual spot to serve foie gras in a menu, but it makes sense in that it is fatty rich and has a semi-sweet garnish. The freshly seared foie gras was served with apple sticks on a passion fruit sauce.

Bouchon de Brillat-Savarin et roquefort aux baies roses,
meringue éphémère à la poire
provence en juin 105 (480x386)

provence en juin 104 (480x255)
The cheese course had two little “corks” of a mousse of Brillat-Savarin cheese with pink peppercorns on top of a Roquefort disk. On top was a mousse of salad. There was also a light pear meringue in the array.

Éponge hibiscus, fruits rouges et sorbet fromage blanc
provence en juin 108 (480x266)
This is the season for raspberries, strawberries and cherries. They were served with a hibiscus-flavored and colored sponge cake and a scoop of fromage blanc sorbet.

Bonbon cacao, poivre et tapioca de mangue,
sorbet banane et passion
provence en juin 110 (480x299)
provence en juin 109 (480x261)
A dark chocolate candy was served with a square of banana, a rectangle of banana sorbet, mango “tapioca” balls and a passion fruit sauce.

Azote 2015
provence en juin 113 (480x420)

provence en juin 114 (480x266)
A mint-flavored meringue was made by squirting the egg-white mixture into a bowl of liquid nitrogen. This technique, aside from the special effects, quickly creates a meringue with a fine texture.

Les ultimes sucreries
provence en juin 106 (480x215)
A fine conclusion to a fine meal.

We really enjoyed ourselves. While the cuisine was experimental and sometimes high-tech, it did not stray far from traditional French cuisine, bringing out its essence. Well, there was one good course of Japanese inspiration. The ingredients were always top quality, usually seasonal and regional. The service was always excellent. The pace and ambiance were very good. Bravo.


Pierre Reboul
11 Petite rue Saint-Jean
Aix-en-Provence, 13100


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