Le Bernardin, NYC 5

September 15, 2015

Le Bernardin is routinely considered to be one of New York’s very top restaurants. We should go more often. It had been three and a half years since our last visit when Linda and I returned for dinner on August 13, 2015.

le Bernardin 001 (480x226)
le Bernardin 003 (480x241)
We were seated at a table in the back corner with good views of the enormous wave painting and of the enormous bunched amaryllis centerpiece. To the left of it you can see Jelena, wife of tennisman Novak Djokovic; he took his place next to her shortly and seemed to enjoy the meal. Over the left corner of his table you can just see chef Eric Ripert, in a white chef’s coat, chatting with a friend.

We ordered glasses of Philippe Gonet, Blanc de Blanc, Le Mesnil sur Oger, NV Champagne. Two tasting menus were offered, but we decided to have the regular four-course prix fixe so as to be able to make our selections from the large number of choices. We ordered a bottle of 2013 Jean-Phillipe Fichet ‘Les Chevalières’ Meursault.
le Bernardin 013 (480x344)
It had good Meursault characteristics and went well with all of the cuisine.

Hors d’œuvres were served:
le Bernardin 004 (480x305)
fluke ponzu;
le Bernardin 005 (480x311)
a lobster bit
le Bernardin 006 (480x386)
and a watermelon soup with a slice of yellow watermelon for contrast. All were good.

Linda’s first course was
Lacquered Lobster Tail; Herb SpringRoll, Lemongrass Consommé
le Bernardin 009 (480x329)
The flavorful lobster had been cut into pieces and reassembled. The lemongrass consommé was added at the table. 

My starter was
Barely Cooked Scallop; Brown Butter Dashi
le Bernardin 011 (480x329)
le Bernardin 010 (480x167)
The scallops had a lovely flavor, enhanced by the brown butter with a touch of the sea. 

Linda went on to
Warm Peekytoe Maryland Lump Crab;
Shaved Heirloom Cauliflower, Mustard Emulsion
le Bernardin 015 (480x297)
Very thinly sliced, colorful cauliflower slices covered excellent crab. A small amount of mustard emulsion was poured over the dish. Subtle and good.

I had
Charred Calamari; Spicy Espelette Pepper Jam, Sauce Basquaise
le Bernardin 020 (480x257)
le Bernardin 018 (480x197)
The rolled squid had a slightly charred flavor that went well with the confit tomatoes in their midst. The crisp, deep-fried parsley was a nice touch.

Linda’s main course was
Grilled Escolar and Seared Wagyu Beef;
Fresh Kimchi, Asian Pear, Soy-Citrus Emulsion
le Bernardin 022 (480x238)
The wagyu beef was as luscious-tasting as it should be and Linda skipped the BBQ sauce that was served on the side.  The excellent escolar was served on a butter-based soy-citrus sauce. The  spicy kimchi was under the baby bok-choi.

Mine was
Poached Skate; Braised Daikon, Charred Scallion Jam,
Lemon Confit-Kimchi Broth
le Bernardin 024 (480x301)
Poaching had retained the elegant flavor of the skatewing. The lemon and kimchi were used lightly and went well. The little chunks of braised radish added little, but the scallion greens added some freshness.

Linda’s dessert was
Marinated “Golden Blueberries,” Frozen Sweet Corn Meringue
le Bernardin 028 (480x320)
The corn custard in blueberry sauce, served with perfect blueberries (some of which were wrapped in golden covers,) was excellent. The fresh, seasonal sweet corn flavor came through nicely. The frozen meringue added little for Linda, but the dessert was a great success as a whole.

Mine was
Macerated Cherries, Black Sesame Biscuit,
Kokuto Butterscotch Mousse, Cherry Yuzu Sorbet
le Bernardin 030 (480x210)
le Bernardin 029 (480x266)
The butterscotch mousse, wrapped in a cherry icing, was made with a brown sugar from Okinawa which brings out the flavor of the sugar cane. The various garnishes made for a good exploration of the cherry flavor.

le Bernardin 032 (480x170)
Very good, particularly the “financière” on the right and the chocolate half-dome. 

The cuisine was excellent from start to finish. The top quality, fresh fish and other ingredients were handled with understanding and finesse. The touches of modernity or fusion were well thought out and restrained. The service does not seem as gracious as it should be at this level. The noise level was high despite the absence of music as the clientèle that summer evening was somewhat boisterous. But those were only small distractions.


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One Response to “Le Bernardin, NYC 5”

  1. Ronald Shelp Says:

    Sounds grand, Michael, It has been many years since we visited this famous restaurant of great cuisine. Glad to hear it is good as always.

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