Locanda Fontanazza and Osteria Veglio, La Morra

December 1, 2015

On October 20, 2015, Blair, Karyn, Linda and I had lunch at Locanda Fontanazza, on the southeast outskirts of La Morra.

It was hidden down a side street, but a short walk from our hotel, Corte Gondina, where we stayed for three nights.
Italy Oct 2015 058 (480x408)

This is the view from near the front door of Locanda Fontanazza up into central La Morra.
Italy Oct 2015 059 (480x260)

We were seated on the upper level; eventually the restaurant filled up for lunch.
Italy Oct 2015 039 (480x252)

The bread basket was put on the table.
Italy Oct 2015 041 (480x173)

We ordered a bottle of 2011 Vietti Castiglione Barolo.
Italy Oct 2015 042 (480x459)

Karyn started with
Filetti di peperone “Cuneo” al forno
ripieni di pate di tonno, acciughe e capperi.
Italy Oct 2015 044 (480x309)
Red and yellow peppers from nearby Cuneo are known for their hard, fleshy, crispy pulp. These had been oven roasted and the filets rolled around mashed tuna, anchovies and capers. Very good.

Blair had
Carne crude Battuta ai coltello
Italy Oct 2015 045 (480x331)
Knife-cut raw beef was dressed simply with olive oil and parmesan cheese. 

Linda enjoyed
Sformato di carote e nociole con crema
di Parmigiano D.o.p. 24 mesi
Italy Oct 2015 046 (480x296)
This flan was made with carrots and hazelnuts bound with a cream of aged parmesan cheese before baking in a mold. Very good.

I had
Lingua di vitello con salsa giardiniera 
Italy Oct 2015 047 (480x226)
The veal tongue was a bit dry, but the mixed vegetable topping helped.

The others went on to
Tajarin al ragù di rosto di vitello.
Italy Oct 2015 048 (480x311)
Italy Oct 2015 052 (480x358)
These egg noodles are a regional specialty. Here they were dressed with a sauce of a veal roast and its drippings. Grated parmesan was added at the table. Very good.

I had
Coniglio al forno con piperonata.
Italy Oct 2015 050 (480x309)
The oven roasted rabbit was served with a Southern Italian garnish of sweet bell peppers melted in olive oil with onion, garlic, and tomatoes. 

We did not have dessert, but ordered coffee.
Italy Oct 2015 055 (480x451)

Italy Oct 2015 040 (480x119)
The lunch was just what we needed at midday. Typically traditional Italian with good, friendly service.




The evening of the next day we had dinner at Osteria Veglio, just down the hill from La Morra. Linda and I had dined there two years ago and liked it a lot. It has since been sold and so we were interested in how the new owners were doing.

We were seated near the middle of the modernized dining room. The former rustic stone interior had been made all white.
Italy Oct 2015 143 (480x149)
As usual, we ordered glasses of the house sparkling wine.
Italy Oct 2015 144 (480x305)

We ordered a bottle of the 2005 Brezza Sarmassa Barolo. I thought it was the best bottle of the week.
Italy Oct 2015 147 (480x342)

Bread was put on the table.
Italy Oct 2015 148 (480x294)

The amuse-gueule was yellow pepper around tuna with mayonnaise.
Italy Oct 2015 145 (480x268)
A good start.

Karyn and Linda started with
Crudo di tonno rosso “Sicilia”, verdure croccanti e carciofini.
Italy Oct 2015 149 (480x338)
Slices of raw, red tuna were garnished with artichoke pieces, other lightly cooked vegetables and olive oil. 

Blair and I had
Capunet tradizionale con salsiccia di Bra e vellutata di zucca.
Italy Oct 2015 152 (480x270)
Savoy cabbage leaves were stuffed with a local sausage and baked. They were halved and served on a bed of creamy pumpkin purée. Nice.

Karyn’s main course was
Gnocchi di patate della Val Varaita al Parmigiano.
Italy Oct 2015 153 (480x251)
These gnocchi were made from potatoes grown in a high valley in the nearby Alps. The were dressed in a parmesan cream.

Blair had
Guancia di vitella al Barolo, patate all’olio extravergine.
Italy Oct 2015 155 (480x304)
A veal cheek must be cooked slowly for a long time to break down the cartilages, but the result is rich and delicious. Here it was served on top of an olive oil potato purée napped with the Barolo braising liquid.

Linda and I had
Agnolotti del plin al sugo d’arrosto. 
Italy Oct 2015 156 (480x338)
Traditional agnolotti of the region were filled with finely chopped leftovers and trimmings of roast veal and pork. They were lightly tossed in a sauce of pan juices. The fluted edge comes from a plin, the wheel used to cut the pasta dough. They were topped with a little grated parmesan. I imagine that the preparation of these was close to the tradition. They were very good.

Having eaten a lot in the last three days, we skipped dessert.

The new owners seem to have continued Osteria Veglio as a fine, enjoyable, informal, traditional restaurant or trattoria.  Perhaps the cuisine is a little more refined than it was before. The service was friendly and efficient. The pace was fine and the noise level not bad considering all the people having a good time.

The restaurant’s website

To see our meal at Osteria Veglio two years before click here.


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