Il Falco, NYC

January 5, 2016

On December 1, 2015, Joe invited Linda and me to dinner at Il Falco, in Long Island City. It is run by two Ecuadorian alumni chefs of Il Mulino, the long time, old time, big time Village Italian (Abruzzo) restaurant.  

We were seated in the back corner table with a good view of the long dining room and the bar by the entry.
il falco 010 (480x215)
Glasses of Prosecco started things off.  We were each served a bruschetta with coarsely chopped fresh tomatoes and olive oil.
il falco 001 (480x397)
A plate of thinly sliced fried zucchini with a fine bread coating was put in the center of the table.
il falco 002 (480x333)
The bread basket arrived.
il falco 003 (480x262)

An antipasto plate with parmesan chunks from a big wheel and large olives was put in the middle of the table.
il falco 011 (480x230)

We ordered a bottle of 2010 Ruffino Risevra Ducale Oro Chianti Classico. It was very nice with all the best flavors of Chianti.
il falco 013 (471x480)

We were offered big langostinos for starters, but we did not choose them.
il falco 007 (480x207)

Joe started with pappardelle in a sausage and tomato sauce.
il falco 014 (480x188).

Linda and I had trenette with a lobster sauce.
il falco 016 (480x343)
The sauce had a definite, good lobster flavor with the tomatoes making it seem Italian.

Linda and Joe went on to a branzino cooked in a salt crust served with an olive oil and lemon sauce.
It was presented whole.
il falco 018 (480x137)
Then the filets were deftly removed from the skeleton.
il falco 020 (480x163)
There was a little dish of melted lemon butter.

il falco 025 (480x251)
And this was the delicious serving.
il falco 022 (480x171)

I had a rack of New Zealand lamb.
il falco 023 (480x424)
The chops were flavorful and nicely cooked, but the heavy brown sauce with tomato paste was not appropriate for lamb and drowned the potato chunks. 

There was a side of spinach cooked in olive oil and garlic for the table.
il falco 026 (480x247)
Good and appropriate.

We did not order dessert, but a medley of the house desserts was offered.
il falco 029 (480x229)
We ate them all.

House-made lemoncello was also offered to finish things off.
il falco 027 (480x294)

We could certainly see the influence of Il Mulino here in the traditional New York/Italian cuisine. Except for the lamb, it was well done and enjoyable. The service, pace, ambiance and noise level were all good.

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