Ze Kitchen Galerie, Paris 2

June 7, 2016

Luc joined Linda and me for dinner at Ze Kitchen Galerie on May 10, 2016.  

We were seated with a good view of the intense action in the kitchen. The young crew of sous-chefs works amazingly well together in close quarters. The chef, William Ledeuil,  stands outside and checks the dishes on the way to the tables. He did come out to chat with one arriving couple.
IMG_2449 (480x280)

Linda and I started with glasses of Champagne. The amuse-gueules were a cup of red beet gazpacho and a crunchy pork croquette with caper mayonnaise.
IMG_2443 (480x297)

The printed menu offers only nine dishes. One can order à la carte or menus of six or eight courses. We took the eight course option. Except for the crudo first course and the rouget, our other five were on the menu and I have shown their menu descriptions.

We ordered a bottle of 2013 Cuilleron “Les Serines” Saint-Joseph red wine.
IMG_2448 (480x358)
Wines of the Côtes du Rhône are said to go well with fusion cuisine, and that turned out to be the case here.

The bread plate was put on the table.
IMG_2445 (480x314)
As most of the courses were generously sauced, the bread was useful for mopping up.

The first course was marinated raw sar de ligne (white seabream) with various crudités and dabs of a ginger sauce.
IMG_2447 (480x250)
A nice start.

Ris de veau,
Bouillon Thai de carottes, condiment oseille
IMG_2450 (480x359) IMG_2451 (480x236)
The ginger and coconut milk sauce poured around at the table was delicious, spiced judiciously.  But the sweetbreads were somewhat drowned in it. The carrots and sorrel also were in the background.

Secreto, soubressade,
IMG_2452 (480x322)
Pasta curls were dressed with a sauce of Majorcan sausage and hazelnut satay. Very successful fusion cuisine.

Rouget (red mullet) on a shellfish beurre blanc with cabbage leaves.
IMG_2455 (480x317)
The rouget filet had a good flavor and a nice crispy skin. The sauce was just right with it. Excellent.

jus de fenouil, vierge anchois
IMG_2460 (480x232)
The piece of barbue, or brill, in this subtle fennel-anchovy sauce was okay, but this was the least interesting course.

Canard de Challans
Condiment pomme-hibiscus
IMG_2462 (480x268)
A slice of duck breast and a cube of braised duck leg meat were served with an apple-hibiscus sauce and various appropriate vegetable chunks. Very good.

Glace chocolat blanc – wasabi
Fraises – pistaches
IMG_2463 (480x313)
Pistachios and strawberries garnished a scoop of white chocolate ice cream topped with a pistachio wafer.

Oeuf en neige – café cardamome – praline
IMG_2465 (480x267)
A frothy sphere of whipped egg whites was on top of a chocolate-hazelnut cream. There were coffee-cardamom drops and a praline wafer.

Agrumes confits
safran, sorbet orange sanguine
IMG_2467 (480x226)
Candied orange and lemon peels were served with a scoop of blood orange sorbet and a saffron sauce.

We enjoyed a very nice evening. The cuisine was always interesting and usually successful. The service was always attentive and cheerful. The pace was good, thanks to all the high energy activity we could see in the kitchen.


To see our meal at Ze Kitchen Galerie 20 months before click here.


One Response to “Ze Kitchen Galerie, Paris 2”

  1. We ate in Ze Kitchen Galerie in 2014 and also loved it. We enjoyed the interesting food and the very pleasant setting and service

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