L’Ane Rouge, Nice 3

July 19, 2016

On May 6, 2016 Ian and Jeanette invited us to dinner at L’Âne Rouge.  We had been there for a light lunch on the terrace two years before. But we had not been for dinner for eight years following a disappointing meal and the loss of the restaurant’s Michelin star.  Despite this, it still gets good ratings and is a showcase for local cuisine so we were interested to see how it was doing.

Although there was outdoor seating, the weather was gray and so we chose to sit inside by the window with this view of the restaurant’s terrace and the Old Port of Nice.
ane rouge 007 (480x230)

Michel Devillers has been the chef and proprietor since 1995. Here he has just finished serving his bouillabaisse. (It must be ordered in advance.)
ane rouge 010 (480x253)

Linda and I started with glasses of champagne and Jeannette had a Kir.  We chose the Menu “Riviera” from the varied selections.

We ordered a bottle of 2014 Baron G. Château de Bellet.
ane rouge 006 (413x480)
This local wine goes very well with fish.

ane rouge 002 (480x246)
In front were little tomato-flavored cakes; then glasses of eggplant caviar and, in back, tapenade sandwiches in puff pastry. Nice. 

La patience
ane rouge 005 (480x193)
Mackerel mousse and a spicy gazpacho. 

Le Bonbon de Rouget
sur un Damier d’Asperges
ane rouge 009 (480x290)
Filets of red mullet were on top of green and white asparagus stalks. On the left is a small scoop of basil sorbet; it was good, but did not benefit from being on top of salad greens. On the right was a tomato filled pastry cylinder. In front are swirls of balsamic vinegar. This was nice, but more complicated than it needed to be, particularly for something as basic as rouget filets.

La Daurade braisée,
Artichauts Barigoule
ane rouge 011 (480x299)
The pieces of daurade were served with artichokes and their sauce braised with a traditional Provençale recipe. This was a good rendition of local cuisine.

Le Trocadéro Pistache,
Déclinaison de Fraises de Carros
ane rouge 015 (480x310)
A round pistachio biscuit with strawberry icing was on top of diced local seasonal strawberries. It was topped with pistachio ice cream.

ane rouge 018 (480x217)

We enjoyed our meal for its local cuisine and ingredients. The chef has succeeded in updating traditional recipes. This dinner was a big improvement over our last dinner, which was not locally focused and unsuccessful in its elaborate concepts. The service was good. I think that we will return more often, perhaps for the bouillabaisse.

Here are Ian and Jeanette after our meal.
ane rouge 020 (480x263)


To see our meal here eight years before click here.


ane rouge 001 (441x365)


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