Gabriel Kreuther, NYC 2

August 9, 2016

On July 15, 2016, we celebrated Gabriel’s birthday, along with Marine, at Gabriel Kreuther. Linda and I had first enjoyed this Alsatian-inspired restaurant a year before, shortly after its June 2015 opening.

On the way in they posed by the plaque in front.

gabriel kreuther 001 (640x486) (479x322)
The entryway on 42nd Street opposite Bryant Park is decorated with Alsatian storks.
gabriel kreuther 049 (480x260)

We were seated at a round table with a view of the kitchen.
gabriel kreuther 008 (480x186)

We started with a bottle of Champagne: 2008 José Michel Brut “Special Club”, Moussy. This was very good: dry with elegant flavors.

A savory kugelhopf and fromage blanc with chives were put on the table. This Alsatian specialty is usually sweet, but was breadlike here.
gabriel kreuther 011 (480x226)

We ordered the standard Four Course Prix Fixe, which has a wide selection for each course. There is also a ten-course tasting menu. We chose a bottle of 2012 Merry Edwards “Olivet Lane” Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley: excellentgabriel kreuther 027 (372x480)
The amuse-gueule were three little tidbits: a cheese puff, a passion fruit and avocado bit and a citrusy empanada.  Alongside was a coconut/coffee cocktail with mescal.
gabriel kreuther 015 (480x191)
gabriel kreuther 016 (480x479)

Marine’s first course was
Chilled Honeydew Melon Soup
husk cherries • dried tomatoes • cantaloupe
gabriel kreuther 018 (480x278)
Marine wrote: “légèrement épicé, sucré salé avec un côté croustillant. Délicieux”
Gently spiced, sweet and savory with a crunchy effect. Delicious.

Gabriel had
Citrus Cured Tasmanian Ocean Trout
summer corn • chorizo • wasabi
gabriel kreuther 019 (480x433)
Gabriel wrote: “mets très équilibré avec une neige de wasabi épicée. En revanche  je n’ai pas senti le goût du chorizo. c’etait tout de même très bon.”
Very well balanced with a wasabi snow on top. But I did not detect the taste of the chorizo. Nonetheless it was very good.

Linda and I had
Compressed Hamachi
black truffle • foie gras terrine • celery
gabriel kreuther 021 (480x276)
The flavors of the three main, luxury ingredients were both combined and distinct. The Australian truffles added earthiness and the foie gras lusciousness. The sashimi of Hamachi amberjack was top quality. Excellent.

The kugelhopf was removed and a whole grain ciabatta with soft butter was served.
gabriel kreuther 022 (480x245)

Marine’s second course was
Seared Sullivan County Foie Gras
spring onions • basil • pickled strawberries
gabriel kreuther 023 (480x228)
“Foie gras : très tendre et les fraises donnaient un goût légèrement acide très agreeable.”
Quite tender and the strawberries provided a lightly acid taste that was very nice.

Linda and Gabriel had
Crispy Sweetbreads Roasted in Duck Fat
honshimeji • pancetta • pasilla
gabriel kreuther 024 (480x279)
The just-right roasted crispness of the exterior and the tenderness and flavor of the center sweetbreads produced a superb dish. The sauce of small shimeji mushrooms, pancetta and mild pasilla chiles was complementary and did not interfere with the sweetbreads. Bravo.

I had
Everglades Frog Legs Cooked In Mason Jar
Chanterelles • zucchini • puffed faro
gabriel kreuther 025 (480x327)
A generous serving of frogs legs with chanterelle mushrooms had been cooked in the sealed mason jar in which they were then served to me. I did not act fast enough to get a photo before they were topped with a slightly garlicky zucchini espuma from a soda syphon and puffed farro grains. Unusual, interesting and good.

The ciabatta was taken away and we were served rosemary rolls with pork lardo.
gabriel kreuther 026 (480x368)

Gabriel and Marine’s main course was
Long Island Crescent Duck Breast
confit leg • chamomile oil • spiced consommé
gabriel kreuther 028 (480x341) (2)
“Canard Marine et Gabriel : viande très tendre et tres goûteuse avec un accompagnement épicé délicieux. Les morceaux verts qui ressemblent un peu à de la salade donnaient un côté croquant au plat. Délicieux.”
Very tender and delicious meat with a deliciously spiced garnish. The green bits which looked slightly like a salad provided a crunch element to the dish. Delicious. 

Linda and I had
Squab & Foie Gras Croustillant (for two)
seasonal vegetables • bay leaf jus
gabriel kreuther 029 (480x213)
A thick slice of foie gras was sandwiched between two pieces of squab breast. They were wrapped in a blanched savoy cabbage leaf and then in brick pastry before deep frying. The varied seasonal vegetables were finished in a bay leaf glaze. Alongside was a sautéed squab thigh. Superb.

The pre-dessert was a faux egg made Tahitian vanilla espuma on strawberry tapioca topped with a melon sphere.
gabriel kreuther 032 (480x363) 

Dessert for Marine and Linda was
Comfort •
Cherry Almond
sautéed cherries • almond mousseline • sablé Breton
gabriel kreuther 037 (480x263)
The wafers of sablé Breton enclosed almond mousseline and were topped by cherries and almonds. The three cherry halves were melt-in-your mouth tender. A cherry sorbet on the side capped this elegant, light dessert. Excellent.

Gabriel and I had
Decadent •
Blackberry Chocolate
chocolate mousse • blackberry gelée • lemon verbena meringue
gabriel kreuther 038 (480x334)
This really was decadent with several rich and unctuous components. Very good.

The restaurant offered Gabriel a small, elegant birthday cake.
gabriel kreuther 034 (331x640)
gabriel kreuther 036 (480x312)
It was a square slab of light hazelnut mousse covered with caramel and studded with macaron tops.  We each had a piece. Very good.
gabriel kreuther 041 (480x324)

The mignardises were very nice, but we  had already overdosed on sugar when they arrived.
gabriel kreuther 044 (480x216)
gabriel kreuther 042 (480x205)
Our meal met our expectations. None of the courses was disappointing and many were really excellent. The chef is letting his imagination and talent shine through. The service was always attentive and good. The pace was just right. The noise level was moderate, mostly coming from the adjoining bar. We will be back.

Gabriel Kreuther website:

To see our meal at Gabriel Kreuther a year before click here.


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