Lincoln, NYC 5

December 6, 2016

On November 2, 2016, Judith joined Linda and me at Lincoln Ristorante for dinner after an Opera Guild presentation on Rossini’s Guillaume Tell, which we would see the following week.

Since Lincoln was not offering Rossini’s (like a Bellini, but with strawberry instead of peach, juice,) Linda started with a Bellini. Judith and I had Cima di Conegliano Extra Dry Prosecco with passion fruit purée and Liquore King’s Ginger. It was really delicious, with the ginger making it like an adult candy: sparkling, spicy and not sweet. There were grissini, but they were inexplicably over-peppered.
Warm focaccia was served in its baking pan.
Very good.

The antipasto was a slice of a terrine of beef tongue and cheek with horseradish and parmesan on a crisp wafer.

Judith, who does nor care for variety meats, asked for a substitute and received olives.

In addition to the regular menu, a pasta menu and a white truffle menu were offered. We chose the former. While we love white truffles in Italy, the experience does not seem the same in New York with a few shavings over dishes.

We ordered the first of two bottles of
2012 Nicolucci ‘Predappio di Predappio’ Sangiovese di Romagna Riserva.
I chose this because of our excellent experience with a similar wine three weeks before in Bologna. This was a lucky hit and was very good.

The first course was
Farro Flour Pasta,
Roasted Squash, Fonduta, Sage, Amaretti,
Brown Butter
It is hard to miss with a brown butter and sage sauce. The crunchy scattered elements of this were also just right, contrasting with the softness of the squash and fonduta filling of the ravioli. Excellent.

Saffron Pasta, Littleneck Clams,
Sea Urchin, Sea Beans
The thick, handmade saffron spaghetti were tossed in sea urchin, dressed with finely chopped littleneck clams and topped with seaweed. They tasted of the sea. Very good.

Whole Wheat Pasta,
Lobster, San Marzano Tomatoes,
Lobster Bottarga
The fresh, corkscrew-shaped pasta was dressed in a tomato sauce that overshadowed the delicate pieces of lobster and shaved dried lobster roe.  

Spinach Pasta,
Veal and Porcini Ragù,
Parmigiano Reggiano
The substantial green pasta tubes were dressed with a thick sauce of minced veal and porcini. This gave us a meat course where it belongs in the meal.  Good.

We did not have dessert. The mignardises were slices of chocolate-topped cake with almond and other pastes. Nice.

We enjoyed our meal. It was well-planned in its progression from lighter to heavier pastas. The service and pace were always good and the noise level low.
We could watch the kitchen at work on our way out.

To see all of our meals at Lincoln Ristorante click here.


2 Responses to “Lincoln, NYC 5”

  1. William Weber Says:

    So what was your reaction to Guillaume Tell? The recent London performance had nudity which caused a horrified kind of riot…Bill

    • Michael Says:

      The singing was generally lovely. The dancing was excellent in the wedding scene, but not later on. The production was too non-traditional for my taste, but was not overboard, like London, or in my way. It is certainly a long opera.

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