Three Italian restaurants near us

June 27, 2017

We do not always dine at the Michelin-starred restaurants shown in my recent posts. Here are three restaurants where we recently dined, each a short drive from our house in Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

On May 23, 2017, Linda and I had dinner with Gio and Enrico at Etna Rosso, near the Old Port in Nice. I arrived before the others and enjoyed a glass of Sicilian white wine on the terrace outside. I could contemplate the menu on the slate outside the front door.

When the others arrived, we were seated at a round table inside. Linda had a Rossini for her aperitivo.

Enrico contemplates the menu.

Good bread.

We ordered a bottle of red wine from the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna. A bit flinty, but good.

Our first course was
Tagliare Siciliano.

There was a selection of appetizers as might be served in Sicily. The eggplant slices in the pan were still warm and good. This was a very nice and copious starter.

Gio went on to a daurade.

We other three had
pasta alla Norma.

This traditional Sicilian dish is made with eggplant, tomato, ricotta and basil. It was good, but if I had known there would be a generous serving of eggplant with tomato in the starter, I would have ordered something else.

The servings having been quite large, we did not have dessert.

Etna Rosso 
20 Rue Bonaparte, 06300 Nice;
09 83 53 50 98.

On June 6, 2017, we dined at Da Rosanna in Eze-bord-de-Mer with David.

He had reserved a nice table next to the widow looking out over the Basse Corniche to the bay.

There were various breads, including focaccia cubes to dip in oil.

We started with glasses of prosecco and then ordered a bottle of Arneis.

David’s first course was
Moscardini pimentés

These miniature octopi were dressed in a spicy tomato sauce.

Linda and I started with
Spaghetti alle vongole

These were more like French clams than the smaller Italian vongole; their flavor was not as strong. 

David’s main course was
Dorade au four a la ligure

This traditional preparation of a whole baked fish is from Liguria, the Italian province next to us. It calls for diced potatoes, tomatoes and ligurian olives.

Linda and I  went on to
Friture de gambas, langoustines et artichauts.

Shrimp, langoustines and artichoke petals were crisply fried. The was a little bowl of tartar sauce and a wedge of lemon to moisten and spark things up. This was very good, particularly the artichokes.

We did not have dessert.


On June 8, 2017 Linda and I dined at the Caffè Bellucci in Beaulieu-sur-Mer. This new restaurant is near the train station in a spot which formerly housed Les Agaves and La Raison Gourmand.

We had glasses of prosecco for aperitivo. Sausage slices and cheese were served with them.

The reddish ones were chorizo and quite spicy.

We ordered a bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Good.

To start we ordered a charcuterie plate.

This was good, but there was not much distinction between the various types. It was copious and we could not finish it, but they boxed up the leftovers for our lunch the next day.

Then we had the spaghetti vongole.

This was very good. Compared to the clams in the meal at Da Rossana, these were smaller and had more of a briny taste of the sea.

We were offered jujubes and lemoncello to finish. Nice.
The pace was good. Our amiable server was excellent.

Caffè Bellucci
4, Avenue du Maréchal Foch; Beaulieu-sur-Mer 06310;
04 93 87 89 49


2 Responses to “Three Italian restaurants near us”

  1. sue girdwood Says:

    How I would love to settle down to a meal of crisply-fried artichokes and shrimp and langoustines! My food-memory has kicked in with an acute remembering of a similar dish eaten a few years ago near Porto Ercole, on the Tuscan coast. It was bliss, a lovely dish.

  2. Kristin Zimmermann Says:

    Crispy fried artichokes were a frequently offered tapas when I was in Barcelona in early May…I think that I had them at least 3 or 4 times during the 2 weeks we were there. A seasonal specialty perhaps; delicious but very filling. I also had an excellent spaghetti a la vongole in Treviso, fewer vongole, or maybe just smaller than those in your photo, but very flavorful.

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