Matt’s in the Market, Seattle

July 25, 2017

Matt’s in the Market is on the third-floor top of the Corner Market Building next to the famous, super-touristy Pike Place Market where it buys fresh, local ingredients. Linda and I went for dinner on July 15, 2017.

We were seated at a table right next to the pass from the kitchen where we could see the dishes up close and watch the action beyond.

Linda had a glass of Champagne and I had one of Cava. We ordered a bottle of 2013 Domaine Drouhin “Laurène” Pinot Noir from the Dundee Hills in Oregon.

Very good with a nice balance between earthiness and fruit.

A bread plate arrived.

The five slices on the left were a good raisin-rye. The butter was unctuous.

Here were three starters I could see waiting for pickup on the pass right next to me that we did not have, but looked good. Oysters, a charcuterie plate and a cheese plate.

Linda’s starter was
Dungeness Crab
radish, cucumber.

This close to the source, Linda is automatically attracted to Dungeness  crab.  The sweetness of the crab went well with the lightly-pickled thin slices of red radish and cucumber. Linda had asked for the advertised lemon vinaigrette to left out of the dish and it was.

Mine was
Grilled Octopus
green garbonzo hummus, tabbouleh, crispy chickpeas, pickled apricots

The two octopus tentacles were nicely grilled. Underneath were a smear of chickpea hummus, crisped chickpeas and a dense bulgur tabbouleh. The small chunks of pickled apricot were an excellent added touch. Somewhat too much coarse salt had been sprinkled on top. 

Linda’s main course was an off-menu special of the evening.

A tender, moist lamb tenderloin was served on a light mustard sauce base, with two big oyster mushroom stems, ripe cherry tomatoes and nasturtium leaves. Excellent.

Mine was
Grilled King Salmon,
fava bean chow-chow, beurre rouge

The square chunk of salmon was good, but it needed enhancement or it would be boring. Chow-chow is supposed to be a slightly sweetish pickle relish, but this was very highly spiced and inedible for me. Underneath is a red wine version of beurre blanc.

To accompany our excellent wine, Linda finished with a wedge of “Dinah’s” cheese, Made from Jersey cows on a farm on Vashon Island southwest across Puget Sound from Seattle. It was described by the server as similar to camembert, and it was. Served with good small slices of toast.

I had a scoop of grilled corn ice cream and one of caramel.

The grilled corn flavor was delicious.

Our meal was enjoyable even though I had to eat my salmon without its garnish. It seemed like a cuisine relevant to Seattle, where we had arrived that morning. The service and pace were good. It was noisy, but we would not have expected it to be quiet.





One Response to “Matt’s in the Market, Seattle”

  1. Roy Ann Taylor Says:

    You’re making me homesick. Moved to Prescott AZ in December, so miss my sea foods. The crab looked wonderful and so did you Linda.
    Safe travels, Roy Ann

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