Sitka & Spruce, Seattle

August 1, 2017

Sitka & Spruce is in the back of a funky mini-mart in the Capitol Hill District, uphill from downtown Seattle. Patricia and Chris joined Linda and me for dinner there on Sunday, July 16, 2017.

The front area includes an open kitchen and a common table.

We were seated around the corner in the back with a view toward the end of the preparation area.

We ordered a bottle of Waris-Hubert, Grand Cru, “Dosage Zero” Côte des Blancs Champagne.

A good start.

The Sunday evening menu is limited, but there are interesting choices. Our waitress suggested that we order four starters to share for the table.

king salmon crudo, cultured cream, cucumbers, nigella and dill.

The salmon was good, but the point of crudo is simplicity, which this lacked.

grilled mushroom and blackberry croissant with aged goat cheese

This was certainly unusual as a dinner starter. The puff pastry and the fillings were good. We cut the round into quarters and shared.

cured smelts, Treviso, chiogga beets, herb aîoli, rye crisps

The pieces of smelt were over-cured and overwhelmed by all the salad.

grilled and fresh summer squash, almonds, mint and spicy honey

The zucchini ribbons and grilled rounds were enhanced by the crunch of the crushed almonds. The mint added an excellent touch, but there was a bit too much vinegar.

Colombia City Bakery baguette with whipped butter & sea salt

Very good. The butter was really frothy.

Our red wine was 2014 Johan Vineyards, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

A nice pinot flavor, but a bit thin. 

For their main course Linda and Chris had
seared halibut, fresh fennel, gooseberries, dandelion, herb butter

The halibut had excellent flavor and texture. The unusual salad gave good contrast.

Patricia and I had
braised chicken, grilled romanos, shiitakes, currants, crispy onions

The chicken was nicely braised in the Roma tomatoes. Instead of the shiitakes, we got flat beans and button mushrooms. The crispy onions added variety to the texture, but the dish still seemed good, but ordinary. 

Our dessert was
gateau basque, lemon, almonds, with fresh cream and cherries


The restaurant and meal were fun, but I think that the chef was trying too hard to be creative, particularly in the starters. Our hostess, waitress, sommelier was charming and efficient. The noise level was blissfully quiet and we could have a pleasant conversation. .





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