Le Coq Rico, NYC 2

January 2, 2018

On December 13, 2017, Linda and I returned to Le Coq Rico. Linda arranged for us to be seated at the right end of the counter near the pass, as we were the last time, giving us plenty of opportunities to chat with Executive Chef Guillaume Ginther.

This was our view down the counter to our left. The chef’s station was just to our right.

We ordered glasses of Crémant d’Alsace (2011 Non-Dosé- A. Kientzler), which set a festive mood.  We had considerable discussion of the menu with the chef and decided to accept his recommendations and share each course.  The sommelier came by and recommended a bottle of 2006 Clos Fortet Saint Emilion.

This merlot had good balance between tannins and fruit and undoubtedly went better with the traditional cuisine than our normal order of a Pinot Noir from Burgundy or the US West Coast. It was nice to have a properly aged and decanted wine in a restaurant at a reasonable price.

Bread was served.

The chef offered us cups of mushroom and truffle velouté as an amuse-gueule.

Nice earthy winter flavors. 

Our first course was
Leeks Vinaigrette
Hollandaise sauce

Rounds of leek greens had been braised until very soft. The combination with the fresh warm hollandaise was excellent.  Since there was extra sauce, Linda ordered to go with it
Thick-cut Fries
Russet potato

Very good, but I did not want to fill up on potatoes.

Chicken & Lobster Vol-au-vent
Maine lobster bisque, puff pastry & mushrooms.

This combination seemed odd to me, but the chef insisted that it would be very good. It was certainly well executed and the ingredients were top rate, but I still was not impressed by the combination.

Stuffed Brune Landaise Chicken (for 2)
butternut squash, ginger, spinach fricassée

The forcemeat stuffing in the chicken rounds had an interesting robust flavor. It enhanced the white meat from the free-range-raised, French-breed chickens. The skin was crackly and luscious. The chunks of butternut squash were beautifully spiced with ginger etc and were enhanced with pumpkin seeds.
Alongside was a
Gold Yukon Potato Purée

It was exceptionally smooth, but was redundant alongside the squash.
This was the first serving on my plate.

I really enjoyed the flavors and the textural contrasts between the skin, meat, stuffing, sauce, squash and purée.

Our dessert was
L’île Flottante
soft meringue, red praline & crème anglaise.

This was superb. The sphere of light egg white meringue was floating in a crème anglaise with bits of caramel and red praliné almonds.

We had a very good time. The ambiance at our seats was exhilarating. The cuisine was very good. The service and pace were right and the noise level okay.


To see our last meal at Le Coq Rico and some background on the restaurant click here.


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