Donguri, NYC 10

March 20, 2018

On February 15, 2018, Linda and I returned to Donguri with Kent and Amanda to celebrate his birthday.

They were already discussing the menu when we arrived.

We agreed on our choices, all to share, and Kent placed our order.
We ordered a bottle of Hakkaisan (Junmai Ginjo) sake.

An elegant traditional sake.

Our first dish was
Sweet Corn Tempura

We always order this at Donguri. It seemed better than ever this time, sweet, with an evident corn flavor and a bit of salt, although Kent would have liked some coarse salt on the side.  It is a mystery how they get such fresh-tasting corn in February.

Prawns Tempura

This was not light tempura batter, but it brought out the shrimp flavor. We missed the tempura shrimp heads which would have been served in Japan. At least the tails were left on to provide some crunch. 

Yuba with Sea Urchin

Sea urchin, ‘uni,’ was served on top of fresh soymilk skin. The two had elegant flavors and went well together, but they were somewhat bland. The wasabi ball on top helped, but it was hard to distribute. 

Uni, ikura & poached egg with uma-dashi.

This was just the opposite of the austere uni course before it. The salmon roe and umami-enhanced dashi made the fishy flavors explode, with the poached egg expanding the experience. Kent wrote: “The final dregs with egg yolk, roe, uni, and the broth were the best part for me.”

Oshinko (pickles)

Cucumber and cabbage, subtly pickled in the Japanese way, were a nice offset.

Today’s Broiled Fish Cheek with Grated Daikon Radish.

Today’s fish was yellowtail. This cut, which did not seem like a “cheek,” was particularly flavorful and good. Kent wrote: “The yellowtail cheek was excellent. The limes on the side were an interesting addition to see in a Japanese restaurant and went well with this this simply prepared dish, although it’s perhaps worth noting that we didn’t squeeze them over the whole thing–just individual bites.”

Assortment of Sashimi: 7 Kinds

Excellent quality in seven distinct varieties.

Amanda’s dessert was
Strawberry Daifuku

A rice cake stuffed with red bean and fresh strawberry.

Linda’s dessert was
Mochi Ice Cream, Mango

Mango ice cream in a mochi shell.

Dessert for Kent and me was
Black Sesame Pudding

A luscious sesame pudding was topped with a gel, red beans and gold flakes. Excellent.

Linda had brought little candles which she used to turn Kent’s sesame pudding into an impromptu birthday cake.

As usual, we had a fine evening at Donguri. We are fortunate to have such an enjoyable restaurant within walking distance of our apartment.

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