The Simone, NYC 3

March 27, 2018

Gary and Jeanie joined Linda and me at The Simone on February 22, 2018. We were seated in the back corner.

Linda and I started with glasses of Champagne, while Gary had a gimlet. We looked at the quaintly handwritten menu and made our choices, with Gary and Jeanie sharing. I ordered a bottle of  2011 Bitouzet-Prieur ‘Les Aussy’ Volnay, which was excellent.

They started with a terrine special of the evening.

Linda and I had
crispy spinach, braised celeriac, leeks,
crispy bacon, walnuts, champignons de Paris.

This was very good. The cube of compressed sweetbreads had a lovely crust. The sauce was meaty and not too rich. The various winter vegetables kept up our interest as sweetbreads can get boring quickly. 

The other three had a venison special for their main course.

The venison was tender and had excellent taste. With its red wine sauce it was not heavy at all, as is often the case with venison dishes.  

I had
Hudson Valley Rabbit
thigh slow-roasted, basted with red wine, spätzle with chive,
caramelized Brussels sprouts, ballotine of loin, spinach, mushroom.

I did not enjoy this. The sauce was too rich. The elaborate garnishes were overwhelming.  I ordered this because I thought that a rabbit dish would not be very heavy, but it was. Contrast this photo with the photo of the good rabbit dish at our last meal at The Simone.

For dessert, Gary and Jeanie had a chocolate cake.

Linda and I shared a Pavlova.

The meringue ring was topped with diced tropical fruits and ice creams. This was a refreshing relief from the rabbit.

With the exception of my rabbit course, our meal was very enjoyable. The service and pace were good. The noise level from the chatter became surprisingly high for the Upper East Side clientèle.

Tina Vaughn is an excellent hostess. Our server/waitress was charming and excellent, too.

To see all our meals at The Simone click here.


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