The Modern, NYC 4

April 3, 2018

On our last visit to The Modern we saw a table for four in a corner of the kitchen, which was available for dining with a great view of the kitchen action. We resolved to return to it and went on February 23, 2018, with Blair and Karyn.

Our table was set in the corner with a view across the whole kitchen. It was conveniently located for chefs, sous-chefs, servers etc to come by and chat with us. The size of the kitchen was really remarkable with multiple, well spaced, cooking and plating stations.

Above were stations for small plates, cold plates and the bar. The vibe was energetic calm. People were moving with precision, but nothing was rushed or frenetic.
Below was the area right in front of us for the gastronomic dishes.

We ordered a bottle of Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne from the genial and helpful sommelière.

She also helped us pick out wines to have with the meal. We started with a 2014 Pierre Boisson Meursault, which was lovely and went perfectly with the early cuisine. This went down so well that we asked the sommelier to choose another Meursault, which was a 2014 Henri Germain Meursault Chevalières. It was nice, but did not have the character of the Boisson. For the duck and cheese course we ordered a bottle of 2010 Domaine Fourrier ‘vieilles vignes’ Gevrey-Chambertin. Delicious.

The amuse-gueule was a tartelette with celery root purée and shaved black truffles.

A luxurious start; the truffles had a good, earthy winter flavor.

The first course was
Warm Poached Egg & Dill

Rich butter-toasted brioche sticks were alongside a scoop of caviar and an egg yolk on top of “fried egg sauce.” The pickled shallot rings helped to cut the richness. Excellent.

The bread tray was passed.

Hamachi Tartare
Winter Citrus & Dashi Vinaigrette

Slices of raw yellowtail were on top of something mildly citrus flavored. They were dressed with a dashi vinaigrette and dried tuna powder.

Foie Gras Tart
Honey Poached Beets & Toasted Oats

This was a wedge slice of a large tart filled with a foie gras mousse. The flavors were mild.

Cauliflower Cooked in Crab Butter
Toasted Almond & Tarragon

The chunk of cauliflower was rich and good, having been poached in crab-flavored butter. The almond and slice of raw cauliflower added crunch. The piece of crab leg helped to define the dish.

Lobster Roasted in the Shell
Celtuce Ribbons & Horseradish

The mild horseradish and shellfish sauce nicely enhanced the good lobster. The winter lettuce contrasted nicely with the richness.

Crispy Slices of Duck
Roasted Acorn Squash & Passion Fruit

The duck slices, with perfectly cooked meat and crisp skin, were served just with their duck glaze sauce. We also had a bowl of mashed acorn squash flavored with passion fruit and garnished with roasted squash seeds.

The cheese course was a rosette of shaved Tête de Moine on a pistachio tartelette. Very nice. It was just the right size for this copious meal.


Apple Bay Leaf Sorbet
Sauternes Jelly & Cassis Coulis

A refreshing, creative and good combination. 

Black Sesame Custard
Mandarin Jelly & Yuzu White Chocolate Ice Cream

This was as delicious as it was pretty.


The brown ones were caramels.

As we finished our dessert we could watch the fastidious cleaning of every surface in front of us.

Our meal was excellent in all respects. The cuisine was successfully creative with first class ingredients. The service was superb, including a lot of interaction between us and the staff. The ambiance was spectacular. Brava, bravo.

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  1. sue girdwood Says:

    Lovely-sounding meal, Mike!

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