Le Café des Saveurs, Beaulieu-sur-Mer

April 24, 2018

Le Café des Saveurs has been open for the last three years, but Linda and I went for the first time for dinner on March 27, 2018.

The restaurant describes itself as « un restaurant de cuisine méditerranéenne semi-gastronomique. »

We started with glasses of Champagne. A very good tapenade was put on the table.

We ordered a bottle of 2013 Eric Boigelot “Santenots” 1er Cru Volnay.

Very nice.

Bread was served.

Linda’s first course was
L’œuf cocotte en croûte de pain aux truffes et foie gras.

The egg cooked inside the bread shell had excellent flavor and texture. It was topped with a slice of good foie gras terrine, no doubt made in-house.

Mine was
Tarte fine aux légumes grillés et gravlax d’espadon.

A flaky puff pastry round was layered with grilled zucchini and peppers. They were topped with smoked swordfish and a lemon slice. This was a nice, light starter.

Linda’s main course was
La Côte de bœuf à l’os de moelle gratiné.

The marrow, served in its bone with salt sprinkled on top before being gratinéed, was excellent. It went very well with the flavorful beef rib that had just enough fat intact. The potato purée was good. Excellent main course. Linda did not use the sauce shown in the photo because she liked the clean grilled-meat flavor.

My main was
Magret de canard, jus aux myrtilles,
tatin de champignons des bois.

On the bottom was an excellent wild mushroom tart. The grilled pieces of duck breast were quite dry inside and needed to be dunked in the blueberry juice. Then they were good, but became boring after a while and I did not finish the third piece. 

We did not have dessert, although there were some interesting offerings. This was an enjoyable “semi-gastronomique” meal. The combinations kept our interest. The pace and service were good. The noise level was happily low. Le Café des Saveurs is a good addition to our town and we should go more often.



Basil and Clare invited us to dinner at Le Café des Saveurs on April 6, 2018. We sat at a table on the mezzanine at the head of the staircase. Basil ordered a bottle of Champagne and then wines to match the cuisine for each of us. Clare and I started with spaghetti vongole.

Linda and Basil had foie gras with fig compote and apricots.

Linda repeated the beef and marrow she had enjoyed the last time, but it did not seem as good. The other three of us had sole meunière, which was very good. There was a pot of julienned vegetables alongside.

We enjoyed our evening and were glad to be invited back.

One Response to “Le Café des Saveurs, Beaulieu-sur-Mer”

  1. KAREN Says:

    Everything looks and sounds absolutely delicious!

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