Aquavit, NYC 7

May 15, 2018

On April 28, 2018, Jim joined Linda and me for dinner at Aquavit. We had a corner table with a view over the Swedish modern décor of the dining room.

The lighting has a yellow cast which is reflected in my photos.

There is a large Chef’s Tasting Menu offered as well as a mid-sized “Seasonal Tasting Menu”, our choice, and a three course “Prix Fixe Menu,” with three options for each course. We ordered a bottle of Bérêche Brut Reserve Champagne. This was followed by a bottle of 2015 Ladoix Le Cloud, at the suggestion of the sommelier. This young red Burgundy showed promise.

The first appetizer was
Swedish Pancake and Smoked Salmon

The soft pancake was garnished with smoked salmon, mild pickles and dill. Very Swedish.  

Seaweed and Mussels

Mussels gratinéed with breadcrumbs were served alongside little bowls of a seaweed soup with hay-smoked oil. They were surpisingly good. 

Two small breads and a multi-grain loaf were served with creamy butters.

Our first course was
Matjes Herring and Spring Peas.

The seasonal pea shoots were fresh, crunchy and good atop the filets of marinated young herring on a mustardy mayonnaise. 

Langoustine and Rhubarb.

A rhubarb, bacon vinaigrette was poured over the garnished langoustines. 

Black Bass and White Asparagus

The chunk of black bass was topped with overly vinegary strips of white asparagus and cucumber.  Alongside was a spring onion and buttermilk sauce. Like the langoustines, the good bass did not need this much help. 

Isterband and Apple

A smoked, Swedish pork sausage and apple chutney were served in a small, buttery bun. Messy, luscious and good.  

Lamb and Morels

Thick slices of good rare lamb were garnished with asparagus, morels and a sort of ravioli.

Grape and Ginger

This little palate cleanser was muscat grape juice with lemon and ginger. 

Wild Strawberry and Pistachio

A custardy dome was topped with wild strawberries and pistachio ice cream.

An opulent tray of mignardises was passed.

On our way out we were each given a bag with a soft cookie for breakfast and a printout of our meal, which I have used for the titles above.

We enjoyed our meal, but the three larger dishes seemed to lack the Swedish directness we have appreciated here before. The service, pace, noise level and ambiance were all good.

To see all of our meals at Aquavit click here.





One Response to “Aquavit, NYC 7”

  1. Rolf Soderlind Says:

    I don’t see what’s Swedish about lamb and morels, but I am thrilled that the restaurant had the chutzpah to serve isterband, which is a simple but tasty Swedish husmanskost dish that you’d normally associate with schools, office canteens and care homes in Sweden.

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