Flora Bar, NYC

May 29, 2018

Flora Bar is on the below-street level of the Met Breuer Museum on Madison Avenue at 75th Street. Ron joined Linda and me for dinner there on May 8, 2018.

We were seated along the side of the dining room with a view toward the long bar and, in the opposite direction, out to the sunken patio.

Dining in the patio when the weather is better would seem like a good option to escape the oppressive noise level inside.

We ordered a bottle of
2017 Marie-Courtin, ‘Résonance’ Blanc de Noirs, Polisot, Champagne.
To start, we shared an order of
 Imperial caviar, crème fraîche and potato chips.

The top quality caviar on the crème fraîche and fresh unsalted potato chips made a perfect accompaniment to our champagne apéritif. 

The menu has varied and eclectic à la carte selections. We made our choices and ordered a bottle of 2013 Jean-Marc Pillot, Chassagne-Montrachet ‘Mes Vieilles Vignes.’

Good, but as in most restaurant wine, it could have used some more age.  

Bread and butter were served.

Ron’s first course was
Omelette with hackleback and trout roe.


Linda and I had
Red shrimp with sea urchin and nori.

We each were given two dried seaweed squares covering diced shrimp topped with sea urchin and pierced by a daikon spear.  We were told to wrap the seafood in the nori like a taco. This was luscious and delicious. 

Ron’s main was
Tuna with mustard greens and potato.


Linda had
Lobster and dulse seaweed tart

The lobster prepared in luscious butter was covered by a crunchy seaweed disc. Excellent.

I had two plates for my main course.
Fried asparagus with sesame seed mayonnaise.

Crispy with the flavor intact.
Lamb ribs with yogurt and mojo verde.

The lamb ribs were nicely charred, bringing out the meaty flavor. The yoghurt was too bland and the green sauce too spicy to add much. 

As we still had wine to enjoy, we ordered two cheeses.
Trifecta – sheep & cow’s milk, Hudson Valley, NY.

La Marotte, sheep’s milk, Aveyron.

A pleasant finish.

The cuisine was varied, creative and good. The service and pace were fine. The noise level was appalling with the crowd talking loudly along with the blasting music. This noise level seems very surprising in a museum restaurant in the staid Upper East Side. But there was no sign that anyone but us was bothered by it. 



One Response to “Flora Bar, NYC”

  1. Tucsonbabe Says:

    Wonderful review, as always. Thank you for once again calling attention to the noise level in an otherwise stellar NYC dining establishment. Perhaps someday restaurateurs will learn that loud music and hard surfaces that do not absorb noise do not add to the ambience. Rather they stifle conversation and detract from the enjoyment of the food. Keep us your crusade.

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