Kappo Masa, NYC

June 5, 2018

Kappo Masa is a collaboration between celebrity chef Masayoshi Takayama, known as Masa, like his super-expensive sushi restaurant at Columbus Circle, and art dealer Larry Gagosian. It is downstairs from Gagosian’s gallery in the old Parke-Bernet building at 76th and Madison. Linda and I went for the first time for dinner on May 12, 2018.

We were seated at a table with a good view of the active kitchen.

There is a separate sushi station.

The dining room is surprisingly large. There is also a counter for sushi and a private dining room in the back.

We ordered the Chef’s Tasting Menu and a bottle of “Heaven” sake. It was excellent. Portions were put into a small bottle so it could be kept cold and we could pour it ourselves.

Our first course was chilled crab meat and sea urchin.

Top quality ingredients. 

Toro tartare topped with German sturgeon caviar.

The finely chopped tuna and the brioche toasts were a fine base for the caviar. 

Sea bream sashimi with white summer truffles.

Well, I do not know what white summer truffles are, but they did have a distinct white truffle flavor, which went very well with the sashimi.

Grilled Australian yellow tail with shredded artichoke, vinegared daikon and peas.

The grilling of the yellowtail created a nice charred edge, but it also dried it out. The artichoke underneath and the peas were nice, but not substantial enough to make a difference. The radish curls were too overly acidic to help.  

Scottish langoustine with lime


Genisurimi® Pasta noodles with truffle.

These trademarked-by-Masa noodles are made from processed fish. They did not have much flavor and the portion was large. 

Toro shabu-shabu, shredded scallions.

This was real show biz. We ripped apart the large thin slices of tuna and briefly dunked the pieces with some scallion shards in the hot broth. Then another dipping in the sauce. It was not great cuisine.
Afterwards we were given a little cup of the broth to drink.

For reasons unknown I neglected to take a photo, sorry, but you have seen sushi before. These were quite photogenic. There were two with toro, one with fluke, one with another fish and a more complicated one in nori. Very good.  

Dessert was strawberries with a bowl of tea.

The meal started out well, but then deteriorated. It was certainly disappointing after the hype and high prices which Kappo Masa receives. The service and pace were fine and the noise level okay. There are many better Japanese cuisine alternatives in New York. 


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  1. Jane Says:

    Okay thanks. . Will cross that one off the list. 🙂 Enjoying your dining experiences.

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